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Arts-and-Entertainment Many will say that there is no substitute for a diamond, and they may be right. A diamond’s brilliance is unparalleled, and it is the hardest stone in the world. Fakes can impress, but only for so long. Here are some alternatives, however, if you can’t afford a diamond, or if you don’t want to follow tradition, and prefer instead to blaze your own marital trail. 1. C.Z.: In the 80s cubic zirconium was developed and became a sensation. Unfortunately, these synthetic stones don’t wear the way a diamond does, losing their luster and scratching over time. They do score a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, however, and at $5 a carat, they’re hard to beat pricewise. 2. Moissanite is significantly more expensive, at $600 per carat, but is still about 1/10 as expensive as a diamond. Moreover, it’s practically impossible to tell the difference between this manmade version of a meteorite mineral unless you look at it under a microscope. It has a hardness of 9.25 compared to a diamond’s 10, but the moissanite has double refraction lines, and a diamond has single, which is the reason the synthetic stone looks more brilliant. 3. Goshenite: Also known as white beryl, this stone is just as brilliant as white topaz on the refractive index. While it’s an 8 on the hardness scale, you can easily customize a ring with a goshenite set. 4. White topaz: This stone is semi-precious, and since it is not as hard (8), it will scratch more easily than a diamond. You can most likely afford a much larger white topaz for the price you would pay for a teeny diamond. 5. White sapphire: One of the four most precious stones, this is the second hardest mineral after the diamond. Although finding a quality, top grade white sapphire is rare, it won’t be as expensive as a diamond. Blue sapphires are similarly precious, and just as beautiful. 6. Tanzanite: This pretty stone is blue and violet and shimmers in translucence. Discovered in 1967, this stone was named after the only country in the world where it is found. 7. Emerald: Another one of the four precious stones, the best conditioned green and gorgeous emeralds can be more expensive than diamonds. 8. Ruby: Because it is red, the associations with passion and emotion are clear. Like the emerald, this precious stone in its rarest form it is exceptionally hard, brilliant and bright. Many gems are acceptable for taking the place of diamond engagement rings. All that matters is that the ring matches the wearer’s tastes, and that there is symbolic meaning behind it. Talk about an engagement ring before buying it for your fiance. Love shouldn’t be grounded in how much a ring costs, but instead what it means for the relationship and the future that lies ahead. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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