even so 飞机涂成哈士奇 跳江自杀被蛇吓回

Computers-and-Technology The laser printer Brother HL-2170W get the top ranking of testing done by the magazine, The Personal Computer. The laser printer was put to the test by 3 magazines in total and was in general thought to be good. It received most positive feedback. "The Personal Computer" gives the top scores to Brother HL-2170W – 17/20 points – in its issue No. 206 (June 2008). One thing is sure, we like the Brother HL-2170W is just not owing to its shape. A block of plastic in two tones of gray that curses a little next to a nice flat screen or a small netbook. No duplexer or screen control, but just three small indicator lights. Additionally, the printer shows pretty noisy during its startup and while printing. However, this small Brother is demonstrating as a good entry-level laser printer, which prints documents immediately at low-cost, it does not matter locally or in a wireless network. A minimum of $150, the printers come with a standard USB 2. interface, Ethernet 10/100 Mbps and Wi-Fi 802.11g wireless network. Installation is straightforward and rapid, especially when using USB and Ethernet. As for Wi-Fi, you only need to indicate the security key used for the network and the installation interface does other parts. Brother HL-2170W Printer Within all the great benefits Brother HL-2170W includes, the printing speed actually help the device sticks out from its competitions models. The item is among the swiftest for laser printers at $150 cost bracket: typical at ten seconds for the first page. 18 pages plain text per minute, and 16 pages for our PDF testing reference. The quality of printing plain text or simple graphics is relatively good. As to photographs, though less sufficient, we will accept it while this cost only 3 cents to print per page if while using the original Brother TN3300 toner cartridge. Using Brother’s high capacity cartridges ( TN360), you possibly can decrease the cost as low as two cents a page. What to know for printing images are: one colour or monochrome images cannot be printed exactly and flat parts need more consistency. Although today’s photo ink jet printers could be a lot more cheap when compared to a laser one, even so, the cost per page is actually not just people think. In addition, It could be like throwing the money into a endless hole because the price tag on every ink jet cartridge is about $20 to $100 and you need 3 colors. Multiply the cost by your printing volumes and you may know the real expense of owning a ink jet printer. For anyone who is thinking about investing in a printer for your home office, Brother HL-2170W black and white laser printer would be a perfect choice for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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