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Customer Service Comprehensive medical record review is a task that often proves to be very challenging to non-medical professionals such as lawyers involved in medical litigation. Usually, in a law firm the paralegals are entrusted with collecting the relevant medical records and abstracting the necessary information. This can be really time-consuming, with little time available for other important tasks. What is more frustrating is that even after spending considerable time analyzing the medical data, core facts may still evade them. This is mainly due to lack of expertise in medical matters. A process that demands remarkable expertise in medical terminology, abbreviations, jargons, handwriting and other related aspects, the review of medical records is best done by a professional medical record review company. Reliable Medical Review Services Benchmark Features Attorneys, physicians, insurance companies and medico-legal case review companies require medical case summaries when it comes to dealing with injury claims and Workers Compensation claims. All of these entities stand to gain by availing medical review services provided by a competent medical review firm. However, the outsourcing partner has to be the right one a company that can ensure complete security and confidentiality for the sensitive data you entrust to them. What are the yardsticks to use when sizing up a service provider? Security measures: It goes without saying that when you are inviting someone into sensitive territory, you should be convinced that there will be no breach of confidentiality. You have to associate with an HIPAA compliant medical review firm that has flawless security measures. In this way, your data will remain safe. Professional medical review team: The ideal medical review team should include medical professionals such as physicians and nurses as well as professionals to provide proofreading and editing services. The team should be able to handle medical records pertaining to diverse medical specialties and provide accurate reviews. Whether medical case chronology, medical case history and summary or medical record organization, your partnering firm should be able to meet your specific requirements and ensure excellent project management. Customized service: No service can be termed ideal, if it cannot be customized. Look for a medical review company that can offer customized solutions; the services should be scalable according to your changing requirements. A dedicated team to attend to your requirements; customization for the type of software, turnaround time and other aspects are some of the features to look for. Attractive, competitive pricing: Cost savings is something you look forward to when outsourcing. So the company of your choice should provide competitively priced services with attractive cost savings. Excellent quality assurance process: Your service provider must ensure error-free documentation through a failsafe QA process. Going by the above guidelines, you should be able to locate a dependable medical record review company that will offer the expected support and lighten your in-house workload. With the right medical review services, you can improve office efficiency and client About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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