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Arts-and-Entertainment Because of our fast paced lifestyles and financial and emotional levels of stress constantly changing in our daily lives, and it is not uncommon for most people, regardless of geographic location to experience one or more dreams involving their career, job or workplace. DreamMessenger.com Dream Example Of Job And Career The following dream involves a career woman named Katherine, who at the time was a cosmetic manager in a large department store. Before Katherine described her dream to me, she explained some of the events that were taking place on the cosmetic floor concerning her new Manager Jason. Katherine’s dream opens with Katherine standing behind her cosmetic counter in the department store, where she worked as a sales associate. In the dream, her eyes are drawn toward the Fine Jewelry Department and the escalator that stood about ten feet beyond the jewelry counter which went up to the next floor. Looking out of the corner of her eye, she sees Jason, her new Cosmetic Manager enter onto the cosmetic floor. Turning her attention away from the Fine Jewelry counter she watches him walk across the floor toward the cosmetics area. In the dream, he is wearing a wrinkled silver jacket, which seemed uncharacteristic to her since he is normally a well groomed dresser, always wearing the latest fashions. As she watched Jason close the distance between them, she could see his body suddenly start to change into the body of a monkey. The closer he came, the more he changed. By the time he was within 15 or 20 feet from her counter, with the exception of his face, his entire body had changed and turned into the body and actions of a monkey. Finally reaching Katherine’s counter, Jason quickly begins to walk around the counter, much like a monkey inquisitively inspecting the product displays. Suddenly without speaking, he starts pushing the product displays around, rearranging the tester bottles, disrupting the display area, knocking products over onto the floor and making a complete mess of the counter. At this point in the dream, Katherine sees the Security Guards coming down the escalator. Turning his head back toward the escalator, Jason also sees the security guards enter onto the cosmetic floor beginning to come towards him. Realizing the trouble he’s in, Jason quickly turns and runs out away from cosmetics floor into the Men’s Department and disappears into the crowd. Katherine watches the security guards quickly follow Jason into the Men’s Department, but does not see if they actually find him in the dream. The Interpretation Of The Dream Using Each Key Word The Cosmetic Counter represents Katherine’s work, career standing and way of life. The Fine Jewelry Department In Katherine’s dream, the Jewelry Department represents treasure, blessing and a gift she has not yet received. The Escalator Going up to the next floor represents the unknown and a new beginning. Jason Katherine’s boss, Jason represents authority. Walking By Jason walking toward Katherine’s counter represents a messenger bringing good or bad news. In this dream, the news represents open, defiant change. Silver In this dream represents deceit and betrayal. Silver Jacket/Monkey/Face The silver jacket Jason is wearing and the fact that even though his body has changed into the body of a monkey, with the exception of his face, represents his ability to hide and camouflage his betrayal, lies, illusions and hidden agendas from his employees. His unpredictable wild behavior of a monkey represents his uncontrollable temper and chaotic management style. Monkey also represents gossip, deception, betrayal, disorganization and a person who would stab another in the back. Wrinkled Clothing represents a messy, disorganized person. In this dream, the wrinkled silver jacket represents Jason as a disorderly, incompetent manager with an open willingness to blame others for his own inabilities and mistakes. The fact that Katherine sees Jason coming to the Women’s Fragrance section with the body of a monkey represents that through the dream, she is being shown insight to see through the outward disguise Jason portrays in the natural into his real hidden motives, which are to increase sales revenue at any cost, even at the cost of losing valuable sales associates. Rearranges / Disrupting / Knocks Products Over This part of the dream represents Jason inability to lead and communicate with the cosmetic sales associates staff and his lack of leadership skills to increase the sales volume in the Cosmetic Department that had been on the decline since he took over the department. Security The Security Guards Katherine sees in the dream represent upper management. The fact that Jason also sees the Security Guards represents that he knows he is being reprimanded before it actually happens. Runs/Men’s Department In this department store, the cosmetic department is for the most part made up of women sales associates. So, the fact that Jason runs toward the Men’s Department represents that he feels overcome by the powerful personalities of many of the female sales associates in the department, and he is seeking the security of his own gender group. Jason running to join a crowd of people represents his fear of being rejected by management. The fact that the Security Guards do not find Jason in the dream represents that Jason will either be fired, transferred or given the option of resigning. The Outcome Of The Dream: Approximately one year after Katherine had this dream, Jason was given the option of transferring to another store or being fired because of his mismanagement of the Cosmetic Department and decreased sales revenue. As for Katherine, by the end of that same year, her new beginning was realized as represented by the escalator in the dream: She was married and started a new career in her husband’s business. In addition to getting married and starting a new career, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl fulfilling the sign of the gift in the Fine Jewelry Department. The gift of a baby that she had not yet received at the time she had the dream. Look for Articles plus many other interesting articles at: Dream Messenger Articles . About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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