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Exercise Everyone who is into fitness and does regular exercises, and knows their way around a gym can become a personal trainer. But all fitness enthusiasts don’t succeed in becoming a personal trainer, as to become one requires some special traits, which everyone does not have. The first trait required is leadership qualities. Leadership requires people to respect them, and to be ready to follow their directions. Leadership is all about knowing, and using the carrot and stick procedure. A leader must be able to motivate his students, and instill a desire in them to follow the leader. The leader faces numerous challenges, especially when it comes to making people break away from bad habits. A personal trainer must be a stickler for discipline and maintaining discipline. Remember a personal trainer is going to put the student through some very tough paces, and to get them to listen and perform, requires a strong sense of maintaining discipline. You, as a personal trainer need to lead by example. There are just too many motivations out there to misguide students. There are fast food restaurants everywhere, and people tend to grab too many snacks, sit behind desks, lounge around watching TV, and generally lead unhealthy life styles. You need to demonstrate a healthy lifestyle to your students, so that they follow by example. Of course you also need to motivate them, by instilling the benefits of living a healthy life, and avoiding all these easy to come by temptations. As a personal trainer you must recognize the stress in the lives of your students, and must teach them how to work around them. They may feel embarrassed, discouraged and unmotivated, but you have to listen to them, and cajole them into coming to grips with their problems, and dealing with them. You have to be aware of your own, and your students weaknesses, and strengths. You must know how to overcome your own weaknesses, so that you can teach your students to overcome their weaknesses. As a personal trainer you have to be creative, and make the routines exciting and challenging. If you are following a book, so can your students. The reason for them hiring you is that you are creative, and can make the routine something to look forward to and enjoy. Being a personal trainer requires more than just knowing fitness routines. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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