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Winning Strategies For Tackling Student Loan Debt Posted By: Mike Philips If you’ve recently finished school and are currently in your six-month grace period before you have to make your first student loan payment, you may have questions about the best way to tackle your debt. Yes, you can simply make monthly payments on your various loans, but with a little planning, you can save thousands of dollars, minimize your monthly payments, and improve your credit score in the process. Currently the average undergraduate finishes school with over $16,000 in student loans. For many students, this hefty amount owed is piled onto existing debt such as car payments and credit card bills. So, if you feel overwhelmed with what you owe, you are not alone. Rest assured, however, you can tackle your debt successfully and effectively by taking a proactive approach. First, remember that your student loan debt is probably at an interest rate much lower than your credit card debt. The highest interest rate on student loans compares favorably with the exorbitant rates issued by credit card companies. With rates as high as 30 percent, concentrating on paying down credit card debt should be a primary focus. If you have no other liabilities other than student loans, congratulations!student loan consolidation student loan consolidation Federal Student Debt Cosolidation Loans The Eligibility And The Process Overview Posted By: Manu Geol The repayment of Federal student loans generally begins after the borrowing student has completed his or her education and an additional grace period after that. However, due to various reasons (which I have discussed in few other articles) students opt for student Federal loan consolidation. However, there is certain eligibility criterion that you must fulfill and a process that you must follow before you can be entitled to Federal debt consolidation of student loans. Again, it is important to note here that such processes and criterion might be reviewed and revised from time to time. So, it AND rsquo;s important that you check on them with the concerned authority. As per the Higher Education Reconciliation act of 2005, the eligibility criteria for student loan consolidation by FFEL and Direct Stafford loan borrowers has been defined a bit differently. Now, such borrowers will not be eligible for consolidation loan if they are still studying i.e. they are not eligible until the time they leave school or graduate or have enrollment that is less than half-time. For PLUS loan borrowers, the consolidation eligibility begins as soon as the full disbursement has happened.student loans student loan consolidation federal student loans federal direct loans student loans Consolidate Students Loan Debt Posted By: Dev You have strived hard to get the admission for the much desired degree at a reputed university and you know it better that it is not easy, atleast economically. Hence at some point or the other many of us opt for student loans which increase till the time you find out that you have a long list of private and Federal student loans to pay off. And then the part of paying off multiple loans at once gets trickier, with you keeping track of multiple payments and managing several accounts not comes as easy. Moreover it is not financially viable to do so. Then consolidating the student loans is your only rescue route to end confusion, chaos, inconvenience and financial loss. The best way is to consolidate your multiple loans into one payment. And if you look closely it is easy, convenient, time saving and financially viable. Students and former students that are consistently making their monthly payments without straining their budget may not see the many benefits that Student Loan Debt Consolidation offers.Student Loans Consolidate Student Loans Student Loan Consolidation Application Federal Student Loans free consolidate student loan Student Loans Medical School Loans Sets A Higher Standard In Private Medical Student Loan Consolidation Posted By: Medical School Loans After all of your years of hard work in medical school, unfortunately, upon graduation you are rewarded with the harsh reality that all of the medical student loan debt you have accrued now has to be paid off. This is not an isolated incident by any means. Medical school loan debt is a growing problem. The Association of American Medical Colleges recently reported that over the past two decades, the cost of private medical school has increased by 165% and the cost of public medical school rose by 312%. It is no wonder that many medical students have had to take out numerous private medical student loans to compensate for the rising cost of schooling. The good news is that there is a solution to dealing with the debt from medical school. Let Medical School Loans help you save thousands of dollars off of your loans by consolidating your private medical student loans. Consolidation will not only save you money, but also time and energy. Consolidating your outstanding private student loans with Medical School Loans will allow you to have just one loan with just one low monthly payment, regardless of whether or not your loans are with multiple lenders.private medical student loans medical student loan consolidation medical school loan debt flexible repayment options private medical student loan cons private medical student loans The Four Types Of Federal Student Loan Consolidation Posted By: Ricky Lim If you are an American student or one studying in an American school, then you are eligible for federal student loan consolidation from the U.S government. Federal student loan consolidation plans are applicable for all students whether you are still in school or a recent graduate or already into your new career. If you are successful in your student loan consolidation application, it will help you to reduce the student loan payment amount each month and/or allows you more time to pay off your student loans. If you currently have several student loans, it is easier if you use federal student loan consolidation to consolidate them into one loan payment thus making it easier to manage. The Four Types Of Federal Student Loan Consolidation The U.S government in a bid to attract more students to take up their student consolidation loans have come up with four plans to suit the different needs of students. They are : * Standard Student Loan Consolidation The maximum student loan period is 10 years and the payment amount per month is fixed. This type of plan is suitable for students who can afford to pay a fixed amount per month.student loans student loan consolidation federal student loans consolidate student loan college student loans 相关的主题文章:

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