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Fishing Florida is without a doubt one of the most beautiful states of all. From panoramic views to the pristine, clear sparking waters of multiple lakes and canals, this exotic and sunlit state is home to some of the most exciting bass fishing in the southeastern states. With warm tropical breezes and ideal ambient water temperatures, Florida hosts the vast majority of the most prestigious and well-known bass fishing tournaments annually. Anglers love bass fishing in Florida because it is absolute Heaven on Earth. Florida Bass Fishing Species Florida bass fishing provides clear tropical waters and an adventure unlike any other. Not to mention, this state is home to 8 species of freshwater bass fish. The most prominent species of bass in Florida waters include the largemouth, and the striped. Although somewhat alarming due to the massive girth of these acrobatic demons of the deep, bass are integral members of the sunfish family. They are known for their ability to leap to great heights when caught, making them one of the most difficult of species to catch. With great strength and agility, landing a largemouth bass requires skill, patience, intestinal fortitude and the proper equipment. Bass Fishing Boats Throughout the 1960’s bass boats were produced in large quantities with introduction and promotion centered on bass fishing, hence the name. Today’s bass boats are custom-built with specifically designed features including: Rod Storage Lockers Live Wells Powered with 300 horsepower motors, new bass boats are capable of reaching speeds in excess of 90 mph. These vessels are designed with ample power and speed to allow anglers the freedom to throw the throttle forward and begin the race to reel in a massive bass. Florida Bass Tournaments Drawing national attention and millions of avid bass anglers, bass tournaments in Florida were originally designed with one specific intent, to "catch and release". Florida annually hosts some of the largest bass tournaments in the world, reeling in schools of anglers from all over to see who can catch the largest gamefish. From Okeechobee to the Keys, there are an unlimited number of bass tournaments in Florida , such as the Xtreme Bass Series and the Chattanooga Bass Association. Bass Fishing Florida Throughout Florida, there remains no clear indication or preference as to which lake or canal offers the best bass fishing. As the locals say, "the best lake is where your experience guides you." That is why bass fishing in Florida cannot be compared to similar fishing in any other state. From moonlit nights to sun-drenched days, bass fishing in Florida is much more than fishing, bass fishing in Florida is heaven on earth. Get in on the latest bass tournament listings in Florida by joining online bass fishing blogs, and forums. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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