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Addiction To Alcohol: Causes, Effects And Treatments By: Jose Smith | Jul 23rd 2012 – Alcoholism is a destructive pattern of using alcohol for a long period of time. An individual is suffering from this disorder when he craves for the substance and can’t control his drinking. Indeed, an alcoholic will feel withdrawal symptoms such as sweating, nausea, anxiety and shakiness when he tries to stop drinking for … Tags: Take Advantage Of Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation Programs By: Teodora Atanasoff | May 29th 2012 – What an appropriate Alcohol Abuse Rehab Program may offer you? Tags: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Methods By: Juliet | Nov 29th 2007 – Fetal Alcohol syndrom is an invisible avalanche crashing down and overwhelming public resources. Patients with fetal alcohol syndrome typically have multiple handicaps and require special medical, educational, familial and community assistance. Tags: 相关的主题文章:

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