a progressive disease that requires professional therapy and treatment to overcome. What are the signs of alcohol addiction 中国海军击溃海盗

Addictions Signs and symptoms of alcoholism and alcohol abuse Alcohol addiction is a serious disease that needs urgent treatment. Find out the signs and symptoms of alcoholism and alcohol abuse to see if you or a loved one should seek help. Alcoholism is not something to be ashamed of. Many people who suspect they may have a drinking problem are embarrassed and do not want to reveal their concerns or seek a professional for advice. There is no reason for this embarrassment. Some people can use alcohol without it impairing their lives, while, for others, drinking alcohol has devastating consequences. However, this does not mean alcoholism is a personal failing. Like any addiction, alcohol abuse is a symptom of a serious underlying problem that requires professional treatment. Alcoholics do not abuse alcohol because they are weak, or do simply not care about the consequences of drinking. Alcoholics are suffering from the disease of addiction; a progressive disease that requires professional therapy and treatment to overcome. What are the signs of alcohol addiction? A primary sign of addiction is continuing to engage in behaviour that causes harm to yourself and others. This includes drinking alcohol when continuing to do so is harmful. If you drink alcohol even though you know you would be better off without doing so, or if drinking is harming your relationships or hurting others, this is a symptom of alcohol abuse. Other signs of alcohol addiction may include habitually making excuses to drink alcohol, being untruthful to others about the amount of alcohol you consume, or drinking alone. If others confront you about your drinking, this is an indication of alcohol abuse. Becoming defensive about ones personal drinking habits is also symptomatic of alcohol dependence. Some people may believe that they are not consuming sufficient quantities of alcohol to be properly deemed an alcoholic. However, a dependence on alcohol, or using any amount of alcohol to avoid dealing with emotional difficulties and personal problems, is an abuse of alcohol that signifies underlying problems. Is alcohol abuse treatable? Alcohol abuse can be managed. Through a professional course of treatment, alcoholics can find the support and guidance they need to work through the underlying causes of alcohol addiction. As with any addiction, cessation is an important prerequisite to treatment. However, suddenly quitting drinking can be dangerous. For this reason, alcoholics will often to referred to a programme of detoxification before treatment can commence. Treatment for alcohol abuse will involve therapy. This often takes the form of group therapy, which provides alcoholics with the support and comfort of a peer group. Members of a therapy group can inspire their peers, and gain confidence from inspiring other members of the group. In addition to therapy, a 12 Step Recovery Programme is strongly recommended for the treatment of alcohol abuse. Working a 12 Step Programme has been demonstrated to substantially reduce the likelihood of relapse and enhance the effectiveness of treatment over time. If you suspect that you or someone you know is abusing alcohol, do not hesitate to contact a qualified rehabilitation centre for help and advice. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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