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Philosophy Studies have shown that Singapore has been the best location to set up a company. In fact, reports by the World Bank and IFC shows that Singapore has been ranked as the best place to do business. What could possibly be the reasons why Singapore has continued to be the haven for business individuals. Three reasons are: The government has paid tremendous attention to attract business man. They build a safe and fair trade environment for business man. The government has allotted significant amount of budget to further assist companies who are newly set up. Many of the young entrepreneurs have experience because universities send entrepreneurs to Silicon Valley so they can ‘soak up’ the atmosphere. Singapore has the best infrastructure for doing business. Protection of intellectual and personal property is also one of the main highlights of the government in Singapore. Also, it is a good place to hire intelligent workforce. It is convenient to establish a business in Singapore, and aside from that the legal system of the state is highly capable and trustworthy. Employment and intellectual property laws in particular are business-friendly. In Asia, Singapore is considered as the most cost-effective and easiest country to commence a business as reported in the study conducted by the World Bank. The history of Singapore is only 40 years which is rather shorter than other countries. It does not have its own culture like China who has five thousand years’ culture. With this, it would not be difficult for local residents to embrace diverse nationalities. The presence of diversified and abundant workforce is a major contributing factor that made Singapore to a paradise for businessmen. There are no natural resources Singapore. Because of this people are compelled to seek work. Therefore, it is reasonable for them to embrace foreign investors to set up a company in their country. Singapore is considered to be the leading location for business entrepreneurs because it is located at the crossroads of international trade routes. Because of the concurrent liberalization of markets and industries and the privatization of government-linked companies opportunities to invest in Singapore and the neighboring markets is not just prevalent but also efficient. The path to blending the 10 ASEAN countries under a free trade area (AFTA) with a population of more than 500 million people is on board. Because of the Free Trade Agreements with the US, Australia, Japan and many other countries it is much easier to access the international market. Over the past few years and until now, Singapore has been attracting immense number of people to visit the country. It attracts a great mounts of companies move there. At the same time, it attracts thousands of people go there to hunt jobs. Because of the promising employment opportunity more and more professionals are moving to the country and begin a fresh life. Singapore has been one of the biggest economic, tour and shopping centers of the world. More and more people would visit there for its special tourism. With the support of entrepreneurs all around the world, Singapore will be even more embellished. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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