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Arts-and-Entertainment Take a look around, you will notice how smart mobile phones and mobile devices are taking over the entire content consumption market. Things are moving at the speed of lighting and everyone is making the all vital transition from large screen devices to small screen mobiles and handheld smart gadgets. Not catering to the mobile data needs of the new generation tantamounts to ignoring them. A recent survey carried out by none other than search giant Google has made it very clear that close to 70% of online consumers make a purchase on websites that are made exclusively for mobile phones. The trend is indeed so powerful that another survey found out close to 60% of product lines, brands and planning on content made exclusively for mobile users. Now, the thing to note about mobile devices and mutating large screen experiences on small devices is easier said than done. Consumers want an experience that is consistent with their desktop versions and yet fast and snappy. This is definitely a big problem, but as they say, every problem is an opportunity in disguise. Truth be told, desktop websites cannot be merely mutated or backported to suit small devices, well technically you can, but it would hardly serve the purpose. Therefore, here is what you do – hire a digital agency who does mobile content, mobile websites and mobile centric marketing! Catering for mobile consumers is not only good for your business; it is also good for the reputation of your business. How you wonder, well, imagine an online consumer visiting your website and wasting his time waiting for the website to load to its full glory. As always, people are always on a hurry and they want to move over to faster and better experiences, and your competitors are willing to oblige! Next time you worry over your sales figures and success online, think of a digital agency who can transform those figures into something you would love to see. Remember, approximately 80% visitors will leave your website within moments of arrival if they do not find what they want in the first few clicks. Only an experienced mobile digital agency can help you with finding your place in the sun. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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