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Business In B2B marketing it is critical to uncover qualified leads in order to improve pipeline conversion rates. By finding and handing over only the most qualified leads to sales teams marketers can ensure that their time and effort is focused only on those contacts that matter most to the company. Here is a list of the top four lead generation activities for B2B marketing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) The primary step in increasing website traffic is to first make sure the site appears in the first page of search engines results. Therefore, SEO website design needs to focus on Use of traffic generating keywords and phrases in titles and website content. Website navigation can be made simpler by using keywords. Placing corporate website on Google sitemaps. Making corporate website URL SEO friendly. Web page optimizing by using semantic coding for easy readability. Enriching content with Google keywords and phrases so that it is relevant for search engine spiders. Marketers can use Search Engine Optimization tools that can simplify the above activities. Social Media Social Media campaigns provide B2B marketers with the opportunity to make the process of lead generation informal, relevant and contextual. Since social media represents conglomeration of people from different background, conversations made about the product or technology or service has a wider reach. These conversations in turn become basis for a purchasing decision thereby fuelling lead generation efforts. When a product is discussed in social media, people take it per se and not as a message sent out by the marketer. A word-of-mouth referral is accepted without much fuss because it is emotion-based and not driven by marketing campaigns. Website Navigation A user friendly and dialog based layout is sure to catch the prospects attention. So, website layout should be kept simple and straightforward because no one wants to linger long enough on a website that confuses them. Prospects landing on the website are mostly those who use a search engine and so, their attention span is minimal. During this time, prospects need to be provided with information on the product offering or service in a convincing and interesting fashion. Call-to-Action Websites need to incorporate Call-to-action buttons that will gently guide the visitor to probe further without being too pushy. They must basically be linked to sections that create an interest or curiosity on the product offering. A simple way to encourage prospects to repeat their visit is to ask them to fill in suggestions or feedback whenever they download or view a report. This conversation can be useful to know what exactly they are interested in and how the product/service can be useful or relevant to them. Using marketing automation software for lead generation reduces the overall time taken to acquire new leads and nurture (lead nurturing) them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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