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Automobiles Tips for buying VW Auto parts Online If you’re a proud Volkswagen owner chances are you’ve wanted to upgrade its performance or replace worn out parts.  Much of this work you can do yourself with the right tools and a garage.  Working on your VW yourself can give you a greater appreciation for your vehicle and save you a lot of money on labor.  You can also save yourself a lot of money by buying vw auto parts online. This isn’t without risks however.  There are several things you should know before buying auto parts online. Research The Seller If you’re shopping around on eBay you can use the built-in feedback mechanism that eBay provides.  This can give you an idea if the seller is trustworthy or not.  Many sellers have very poor service and may refuse to give refunds or exchanges for items you purchase.  If a seller has a lot of negative feedback that is a huge red flag that you should steer clear.  Luckily most VW Auto Parts are available from multiple sellers. If you are purchasing parts from a web site rather than auction be sure to research the site before placing an order.  Forums can be a great place to do this research.  Most members of VW forums have a few favorite companies from whom they purchase most of their auto parts.  People also like to let others know if the have bad experiences with a certain company or ebay seller.  Searching these forums for the site or eBay seller in question can give you a great idea of their reputation and trustworthiness. Protect Yourself Using Paypal to pay for your purchase can give you extra protection in the event that you never receive your item or have an issue with the seller.  You can file a complaint with paypal and often receive a refund.  If too many complaints for a certain seller are filed paypal may freeze or close their account.  Credit card companies also offer some protections against these sorts of problems. Buy The Good Stuff There are far too many sellers on auction sites peddling cheap VW Parts.  You should be wary of any prices that seem too good to be true.  You should also make sure to stick to brands you recognize. You don’t want to risk damaging your expensive Volkswagen engine by putting a cheap part on it do you?  These cheap parts usually don’t have any warrantee to speak of, and who knows if the company will still exist if and when you have a problem.  While it may cost more to "do things right", you’ll be glad you did knowing that the parts you put on your VW have been researched and properly tested by the manufacturer. Be Aware of Shipping Costs Many sellers, especially on eBay, make most of their money by charging outrageous rates for shipping.  While many auto parts such as tires and wheels are heavy and cost quite a bit to ship, you should be able to tell if a shipping rate is reasonable or not.  Remember, once you commit to buy something on eBay you are obligated to do it, so be sure to check the shipping rates prior to bidding! Have Fun Upgrading your car is all about having more fun while driving, however please be safe.  Make sure to have someone else around while you are working on the car, and don’t be afraid to pay someone to install parts you aren’t comfortable with doing yourself.  The safety of you and your family depend on the quality of any work performed on your VW.   I hope these tips have given you a good idea of things to look out for when buying auto parts online.  Now that you’re armed with the proper information you can go buy parts for your VW safely and save a lot of money. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: <576/" target="_blank">and around 1.1 to 4.2 percent will develop bulimia nervosa. Nearly 0.5 percent of anorexics die each year from the illness 李小璐随夫回农村 女孩巴拿马遭枪杀

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