Be on it! The Tiangong two today 22 04 launch – Beijing ca1871

Be on it! The "Tiangong two" today 22 new September new network in 04 – 15, launched after the "long seven" first flight, Chinese manned space laboratory stage mission ushered in the second flight, the long-awaited "Tiangong two" will be held today 22 04 launch. After the "Tiangong two" space laboratory will be carried out on orbit test and the establishment of independent operation mode, ready to meet the "Shenzhou eleven" manned spacecraft to visit. How to launch the "Tiangong two"? What are the breakthroughs in technology? What tasks need to be completed? What will be the future docking it? The launch system has been practiced for the first time the "Tiangong two" undertakes the verification task of future China space station technology. At present, space applications, Jiuquan launch site and communication system, has finished executing "Tiangong two" space lab mission preparation work, rockets and "Tiangong two" technical condition has been determined. In July 9th, the "Tiangong two" arrived in Jiuquan, to carry out emission field assembly and testing work. September 9th, carrying the Long March two F T2 rocket and "Tiangong two" space laboratory combination of the activities of the launch platform vertically transferred to the launch pad. In September 11th, the "Tiangong two" to carry out the task of the whole system launch exercises for 3.5 hours. In September 12th, the launch of the "Tiangong two" Long March two F T2 rocket into the filling preparation before the entire launchingsystem in 13 for the first time in the training. It is worth mentioning that, for the launch of manned spacecraft, the Long March two F Rockets have "arrows" reputation, 10 times and 1 times the Shenzhou spacecraft launch vehicle, "Tiangong-1" in task 11 times in the "arrows" to maintain a 100% success rate. The approach of the Long March two F and T2 rocket Long March two F T1 rocket, Long March two F. Eleven rockets are basically consistent with the technical state of the Long March two F. Ten rockets, mainly in the aspects of safety and reliability, the technology status change. The Long March two F rocket bundled two liquid rocket, level 3.35 meters in diameter, 4 pieces of bundled booster, booster 2.25 meters in diameter, it adopts three vertical mode vertical assembly vertical test and vertical transport, this model can ensure the rocket test and launch rocket in vertical state. China Tiangong two space laboratory will be on 22 September 15th 04 launch. Figure for the Tiangong two space laboratory and the Long March two F T2 rocket has been vertically transferred to the launch tower. Sun Hao taken more luxurious equipment more advanced equipment can send mail to the ground had the same shape, but the "Tiangong two" is not a simple "Tiangong-1" upgrade version, it will achieve more "for the first time". It is reported that the "Tiangong two" is the first to have additional space missions in space laboratory Chinese, the first astronaut to 30 days stay, the first test of propellant space scientific experiments and technology make important. Chinese manned space engineering office deputy director Wu 14 introduction, "Tiangong two" and "Tiangong-1" mission)相关的主题文章:

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