Xiamen focus on the fifth facade to the roof to say no illegal cover 小坂めぐる

Xiamen: focus on the fifth facade to the roof of the building is not illegal to say [editor’s note] the fundamental value of the city is to create the most suitable for people living and working space environment. The successful practice of advanced observation areas to promote the city construction management work, an important direction is to effectively solve the city management problems reflect the strong public, in order to improve the masses and gain a sense of comfort, keep city development more temperature, more humane. From this point of view, the current Xiamen is making efforts to promote post disaster restoration and reconstruction of city construction and management to improve the work, goal is to make the service planning construction and management of the city will be able to keep up with the pace of demand, to allow residents to embrace a better life in the city. Admittedly, like other domestic city, city management still exists in our long management, fragmented, weak law enforcement, weak supervision and other issues. The electric car ran, bulky litter, construction waste and soil engineering and vehicles illegally parked left huddle street hawkers, street vendors Jeeves stall business unit, home poqiang shop chaos, low quality of the city, disrupting public life. In order to find the gap, Xiamen city construction management services to carry out a comprehensive upgrade, this newspaper launched a series of reports, some problems on the current city construction management, introduces the advanced experience and practice areas, as the city’s "organic renewal" to provide some useful reference. The newspaper reporter trainee reporter Luo Zihong Lu Xiaofeng had Yanyan map reporter Zhang Qihui city skyline is a major factor in the expression of the image of the city, known as "the Fifth Facade" city roof, is undoubtedly the most important part of the city skyline. When the guests are far from the landing aircraft overlooking the city, gradually narrowing the distance to the roof of the city in horizon — continue to enlarge orderly or disorderly, all undetected, in people’s minds to leave a city first impression. Along with the city to speed up the process of city residents living space to develop, viaduct and the increasing of high-rise building, so that more and more people into the roof of the building daily view, "the Fifth Facade" environment and quality, gradually affecting the city residents work and life of pleasure and comfort. However, due to historical reasons, including many cities, including Xiamen, the fifth facade was plagued by illegal cover. With the post disaster recovery and reconstruction in Xiamen and urban construction management to enhance the work carried out in depth, perhaps, it is time for us to say "no". [] causes residents to expand the space and the construction of the Municipal People’s Congress, the vice chairman of Xiamen municipal Party committee Zhu Jianghuai tried from time to trace the source of illegal corrugated, probably from 1970s began showing signs, because at the time of the housing is very tight, there are many public houses. Many residents in order to solve their housing problems, as long as there is a cover conditions they will build up, expand their living space." This expansion of space has been reserved for some of today, has become a problem left over by history". Xia Min, Professor of literature at Jimei University, said: if the other residents to take the illegal cover has not been punished, people will follow suit. Responsible for the public, will lead to disorderly illegal)相关的主题文章:

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