The husband said his wife died in the sudden death of the dream master with an amazing truth 巴雷特m82a1

Husband said his wife suddenly died in the dream with the bleeding point to uncover the amazing truth yesterday, the daily news for you to reveal the secret of the true state of Xiamen forensic work, many users to these groups of Xiamen Qin Ming thumbs up. So, how to solve the mystery of the forensic case, the truth from the details of the body to speak? "A ghost doomed eternally peaceful world, save the Buddha’s heart, spinning bamboo peeling solution body language, to Xiyuan." The original text of the Ming Dynasty corpse language in this paragraph, it is very important to be interviewed forensic heart – this is the core of the profession and the true meaning of forensic medicine. Zhang Hailong: also the deceased and their families a truth, is the least respect for them. The lake Public Security Bureau forensic Zhang Hailong often hung in the words spoken, but also his practitioners 7 years, always uphold the principle: let the body speak, let The case is entirely cleared. in the world. To see how they solve the problem they pay attention to the subtle changes in the body of the birth of the 1989 Lei Lei wearing a pair of glasses, looked up from his desk, a smile. This is just to work 3 years boy, recently successfully helped a dead woman the truth. Luo Lei: residential buildings, the husband said the police, his wife went to sleep. Everything seemed normal at the scene: the dead man was lying in bed, still in pajamas. After her husband found abnormal first hit 120, ask the doctor to confirm the death, and hit the alarm 110. Husband: his wife was suffering from hypothyroidism, long-term medication to control the disease. After going to sleep at night, I feel a little strange, how to push her to wake up to find an accident. You see, there’s a doctor’s diagnosis and his wife’s medical records. Everyone in the event has been considered a sudden death, careful Luo Lei found some details. The face of the deceased, there are a small amount of bleeding point like the tip of the mouth, the mouth of the deceased, there are traces of damage on the wrist, which concluded that the deceased is likely to be covered! In the end, her husband bowed his head before the iron evidence. Now the police are relatively tight, forensic is very important, the first time to clear the nature of the case, narrowing the scope of the investigation, provide accurate direction for the investigation, most of the time can play a multiplier effect. They have a pair of piercing eye, because of keen observation and enough patience. Forensic evidence is no less than that with the 2014 rape case. At the door of a big Jimei Home Furnishing shop, the victim in the bridge to Li Weidong drew a circle, said the most important evidence may be in the "circle". "A lot of fallen leaves on the ground." Said Li Weidong, sweeping up with a big sack. Back to the branch, he and his colleagues took the fluorescent lamp to a piece of land looked over and saw a whole day and night, really give him in one of the leaves, a few spots found in body fluids litigation stage, these spots become the most powerful evidence for the victim, to recover the fair. He is a forensic, both as well as a piercing eye perseverance. Deputy chief of the Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade Tongan science and technology Zhao Xuefeng, a senior forensic practitioner for 12 years, some time ago he managed to avoid the occurrence of miscarriages of justice together. The same day, an injured man took the hospital to take the CT film to find Zhao Xuefeng, so that the identification of injury;相关的主题文章:

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