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On the field of new energy vehicles cheat up: just one pain point   the rate of recharge but did not fill the matter — car — original title: on the field of new energy vehicles cheat up: just one pain point but no matter the amount of fill fill subsidies where there is a cheat up. Last week, the Ministry of Finance official website hung out "on the special inspection of the application of new energy vehicles subsidy notification" (hereinafter referred to as the "bulletin"), and a clear list of five enterprises as a typical case of cheat up, namely Suzhou, Suzhou, Shenzhen Jinlong Gimsi five Chau dragon, Chery Guizhou Wanda bus and Henan Shaolin bus. Involving new energy vehicles subsidy amount of 1 billion 10 million yuan. This is the Ministry of industry, development and Reform Commission, Ministry of finance, Ministry of science and technology and other four ministries, after nearly 8 months of joint investigation issued after the "bulletin", confirmed the existence of speculation cheat up behavior of the field of new energy vehicles. However, compared with the previous media reports on the new energy vehicles massive fraud investigation report, this is only named 5 car prices, incomplete cheat list is considered only the tip of the iceberg". According to media reports, in the spread of a lie on the list of the industry, involving fraud to complement the vehicle companies reached 20, while another 89 companies exist in new energy vehicles idle. Another insider revealed that the list of 93 companies were investigated in the presence of the existence of fraud and complement the behavior of the company’s 72 companies, involving subsidies of $9 billion 270 million. Although so far, the list is not confirmed by the relevant departments, but some public data show that the new energy automotive cheat up the size of the suspect, may not Weakness lends wings to rumours. According to statistics China Automobile Industry Association, customs and public security departments, in January last year to October, cumulative sales of new energy vehicles 174 thousand vehicles, while the cumulative amount on the card corresponding to only 108 thousand cars. Last year, China’s new energy vehicle production 340 thousand, sales of 330 thousand vehicles, an increase of 3.3 times and an increase of 3.4 times. Among them, the commercial vehicle subsidies, subsidies for low threshold (for passenger cars and commercial vehicles), new energy sales last year accounted for nearly 50% of total sales volume of new energy vehicles, while the figure in the fuel in the car market is only about 20%. Significant changes in the automotive market demand is not the case, such a "satisfactory" data apparently came a little bit too abrupt. Some critics have pointed out that, whether it is a case of fraud or common, regardless of the size of the fraud is large or small, new energy subsidies have come to the time to re-examine the. As a strategic emerging industries, China began to implement the policy of subsidies for new energy vehicles from 2010, but so far the domestic new energy vehicle market, especially the private car market but did not get effective training, the problem is not the high subsidies, the threshold is too low can explain. "Fill out the amount, but failed to fill the quality" is one of the embarrassment of subsidy policy. At present, our country is able to produce a very primary electric car, its battery, electronic control, motor, car can not be too long distance, to maintain normal driving." Chen Qingtai, chairman of China electric vehicle hundred people, said China’s new energy automotive battery energy density, charging time相关的主题文章:

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