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Oral: ex husband ran next door to my house rent, and her husband deduction feelings public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Before, although not seen her husband’s ex girlfriend, but about things between them, I still know, my husband and I are the period of love, he offered me mention. They are university students, love pattern belongs to the typical women chasing men. Sophomore year, they rent in the village near the school cohabitation. During that time, the woman gave birth to her husband. After graduating from college, because the woman has found a formal job in his hometown, begged her husband to her hometown development, her husband finally chose to return to their parents, and to the woman to break up. The woman even willing to quit his job to defend this love, but her husband does not appreciate. In this case, the woman and a man you don’t love flash marriage. After marriage, the woman often called her husband, and even a special trip to her husband and private meeting several times. Later, when my husband knew me, I stopped answering the call. In recent years, frequent contact them again (I know), the woman should quit the job and come to our life in the city, and rented a house next door. At present, engaged in accounting work in a private enterprise. Their affair is a few days ago I found the husband peep chats. The exposure of the truth, I really did not think her husband derailed even collapse under my nose. After the incident, the woman has moved away from my house next door, her husband promised me: not for the woman and I divorced. I am a little confused, I do not know the divorce or forgive, because I always feel his ex girlfriend is placed between me and her husband’s time bomb, so I did not have a sense of security. Muzi Li Da asks the reader: if not his former girlfriend constantly tease, I think your husband should be a loyalty to the marriage of the handsome man, but in the face of his former girlfriend frequently tease her husband, you still can’t achieve calm. Your husband’s mind is this: 1) broke up when he graduated from college, because your husband from the beginning to do after graduation from the university to go back to their parents to, he expects love should be, the woman with him to his parents, but because the woman first implement a stable job, your husband is not willing to take "let the woman quit formal work, so," said goodbye to love is cruel; 2) the first female or to flash marriage, flash marriage to accelerate to your husband’s forgotten, in fact, that woman is wrong, because there is no love in a marriage, she is still staged is the human heart in Cao Ying han. At the same time, your husband is not completely forget the female, therefore, will accept the woman to steal touched your husband’s city 3) after you fooling around; you will want to know her husband, love into marriage, so that time will intend to stay away from the woman, then your husband really hope each other do not have any intersection; 4) with marriage travel, life friction, fatigue and between husband and wife, that your husband’s inner turmoil, at this moment, the girl tease your husband is difficult to calm, not to mention the woman to resign to your husband side)相关的主题文章:

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