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Are you tired of looking at the car? Be not afraid of! After we see Beiqi aircraft made the morning of October 21st, Beijing navigable Changzhou base (a) completed and Pan Pacific Airlines first P-750 aircraft assembled ceremony was held at the Changzhou aviation industrial park. The first "made in Changzhou" P-750 aircraft assembly line, marking the Beijing Automotive Group, Jiangsu city of Changzhou province navigation and the introduction of digestion and absorption of turboprop fixed wing aircraft international advanced production project smooth landing. Last year, Beijing held a groundbreaking ceremony at the Changzhou base, just a short time, a modern production park has been erected. Beijing Changzhou navigation base (a) the formally completed and put into production and Pan Pacific Airlines first P-750 aircraft success offline, is another important achievement of the development of the general aviation sector of Beijing Automotive Group, is a major victory in the Beijing general aviation aircraft manufacturing project in East China industrial layout, is an important step China introduction of Pan Pacific Airlines P-750 aircraft manufacturing production line. The launching ceremony, Jiangsu Province, Changzhou city party secretary Yan Li on behalf of the Changzhou municipal Party committee and municipal government of Beijing Changzhou navigation base (a) and the completion of the Pan Pacific Airlines first P750 aircraft assembly line expressed warm congratulations: "Beijing Changzhou navigation base (a) and the completion of the Pan Pacific Airlines first P750 aircraft assembly offline, mileage is not only an important career development of Beijing Automotive Group (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) monument, is the city of Changzhou, Changzhou national high tech Zone to accelerate industrial restructuring and upgrading and deepening and also an important achievement of cooperation in large state-owned enterprises achieved." "Last year, we completed the aircraft assembly, the paint, professional plant construction and production preparation, to form an annual production capacity of 70 P750 aircraft; the first went to study in New Zealand trained engineers have come back, ready to be in full swing into production; the follow-up work is to proceed, P750 fixed wing aircraft manufacturing forensics wildly beating gongs and drums East China, service support center on the agenda." Beiqi group party secretary, chairman Xu Heyi (click to view the latest news figures) pointed out that the next step, based in Changzhou, Beijing East, navigable radiation for the country, to carry out aircraft display sales, test delivery, supply, maintenance and modification of general aviation industry chain. It is reported that Beijing navigable Changzhou Aircraft Industrial Company production base (a) workshop and facilities construction project was officially settled in Jiangsu Province, Changzhou New District in 2015, the new levy of land 147.3 acres, the first phase of the project construction of a total of 4 monomers (painting workshop, assembly workshop, power center, chemical storage), total new construction area the purchase of 11120 square meters, supporting the assembly process of production line equipment, painting equipment production line and production equipment. The project started in October 28, 2015 June 20, 2016, the completion of the main project completion and acceptance, completed in August 31, 2016, October 21, 2016 held a grand production base (a) completed and Pan Pacific Airlines first P-750 aircraft assembly line ceremony. The Changzhou base complex assembly of the P-750 aircraft is the layout of the Beijing navigation industry, through.相关的主题文章:

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