WAL-MART Sichuan Mianyang branch of a live bream were detected carcinogens in Beijing 纪元1701

WAL-MART Sichuan Mianyang branch of a "live bream" were detected carcinogens – Beijing, Sichuan online news (reporter Zhou Wei) in August 24th, the provincial food and Drug Administration announced this year of sixteenth batches of food sampling information, results show that in sampling of alcohol, frozen drinks, meat products, dairy products, food additives, edible oil and fat 8 kinds of products, fruit products, 607 batches of food items, sampling inspection qualified 585 batches of samples, 22 batches of substandard samples. Reporter access to information found unqualified products, the sampling of substandard food mainly concentrated in wine, oil and other fields, the main reason is the failure of the project may not be detected in the detection of sodium cyclamate, the total number of colonies exceed the standard, among them, Beichuan manger Wine Company Limited production of a batch of "the first good wine manger 53° Fen flavor Xiaoqu liquor due to the detection of actual alcohol products than standard wine of low precision and may not be detected in the detection of sodium cyclamate unqualified project, WAL-MART (Sichuan) Co. Ltd. Mianyang Yuejin Road branch sales" living were not detected in bream "project of malachite green. Provincial Food and drug administration official said, to find the sampling of substandard products, producers the location of the city (state) food and drug regulatory departments have been ordered to identify the product to recall substandard products, and analyzes the reasons for rectification; business unit is located city (state) food and drug administration has asked the relevant units immediately take off the shelf and other measures to control risk, and punished according to law. Glossary: malachite green is triphenylmethane dye is toxic chemicals, also killing fungi, bacteria killing, killing parasite drug, long-term excessive use can cause cancer, no national health aquaculture field banned add.相关的主题文章:

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