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I am the boss level test of FAW Volkswagen MAGOTAN car new Sohu – page first: the overall driving experience is better than the old car auto Sohu [] the FAW – Volkswagen MAGOTAN to new, this is one of the preferred models so far is still very important for people to consider the intermediate vehicle when in the hearts of the people. So that almost all of the intermediate cars are replaced with them as a benchmark to compete. This is the latest generation of MAGOTAN Passat B8 sequence, and SAIC Volkswagen Passat also belongs to B7. As for their names between the "hatred", in which not to do a detailed interpretation of the. And now, I would like to ask you to ask yourself a question. If you want to buy a MAGOTAN, then you will be willing to spend money to buy a car MAGOTAN? The price listed on the FAW – Volkswagen New MAGOTAN: 18.99-31.69 million yuan, a total of 9 models. This test is a new MAGOTAN 380TSI flagship, the price of 316 thousand and 900. Is the configuration of all car is the highest, but it is not destined to be the main model. So, even if I followingparagraphs, how to cool its configuration of hanging fried days, still do not have the purchasing value. Is the significance of its existence, and facing the generation on the same platform and other rival brand competitors provocation. It can still be straightened up again, saying "in this class of models, I am old, love!". As for what it is to have the strength to make it stand up again with the level of the image of the benchmark, is what we want to understand together. (Editor: Liu Sibei)相关的主题文章:

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