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BMW twenty thousand! The eldest child Ambrose luxury car auction – Sohu news black boss car black boss of luxury vehicles covered with dust car Chengdu full search news network (reporter Li Li) September 20th reported recently in Chengdu Railway Transportation Intermediate Court issued a notice in September 25, 2016 9 to September 25, 2016 21, for public auction activities the hospital judicial auction network platform, the auction involves 13 luxury cars. The details are as follows: Sichuan A5H091 Porsche Cayenne car, the first starting price: 198 thousand and 900 yuan, deposit: 20 thousand yuan; Sichuan a Rolls-Royce A0199D, the first starting price: 737 thousand and 848 yuan, deposit: 70 thousand yuan; Sichuan the A426AP Touareg a, the first starting price: 134 thousand and 211 yuan, deposit: 13 thousand yuan; Sichuan AAJ295 BMW X5 car, the first starting price: 2 .2108 million yuan deposit: 2 thousand yuan; Sichuan Bentley continental AB0988 a, the first starting price: 1 million 601 thousand and 125 yuan, deposit: 160 thousand yuan; Sichuan a Lamborghini ADD688, the first starting price: 476 thousand yuan, deposit: 50 thousand yuan; Sichuan a Ferrari AFE599, the first starting price: 373 thousand and 740 yuan, deposit: 40 thousand yuan; Sichuan AS666S a Mercedes Benz GL450, the first starting price: 228 thousand and 589 yuan, deposit: 20 thousand yuan; Sichuan AT111T Benz Viano car, the first starting price: 141 thousand and 924 yuan, deposit: 14 thousand yuan; Sichuan AW8999 a Mercedes Benz S600, the first starting price: 80 thousand and 353 yuan, deposit: 8 thousand yuan; Sichuan BU6655 Land Rover car, the first starting price: 170 thousand and 130 yuan, deposit: 20 thousand yuan; Sichuan F36916 a Mercedes Benz CLK200, the first time Starting price: 40 thousand and 17 yuan, deposit: 4 thousand yuan; Sichuan FK0001 Benz Viano car, the first starting price: 80 thousand and 332 yuan, 8 thousand yuan deposit. The Bentley continental price 3 million 700 thousand, currently only 3 and a half years, the starting price is less than half price; while the market price of 3 million 500 thousand Lamborghini only travel 6658 kilometers, the starting price is only 476 thousand. According to the court announced the assessment report, the vehicle A0199D Nakagawa Rolls-Royce automobile, Ferrari automobile, Sichuan Sichuan AFE599 ADD688 Lamborghini automobile, Sichuan A426AP Touareg Sichuan Hanlong high tech Development Co. Ltd. all the company of Sichuan Hanlong (Group) Co. Ltd. subsidiary. The vehicle (2015) into iron pic No. 107th execution case standard vehicles, in addition to the case there are 6 standard vehicles involved in the auction. The assessment report, the case for the "personal property Liu Han temporary administrator and execution of Sichuan Hanlong (Group) Ltd.相关的主题文章:

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