7 late old man dreamed of his mother for the police to the mother grave two shot evil-pp点点通2006

7 late old man dreamed of his mother to her mother’s grave for police shot two times in the original title: 7 evil man always dream of dead mother for the police to the mother grave two shot "evil"   life September 30th – "I came to the police, but I’m afraid I thing you no matter, can you help me?" 25, a seven year old man alone came to Harbin Road outside the area Yongyuan police station to help, but his request was that the police to the mother graves to put two guns. This is how the same thing? 25, 15, a more than and 70 year old man on crutches came to the police station in Yongyuan hall, sitting chair. At that time, more people, we all thought he was to the police station for household registration. The 17 time, people are almost gone, the old man was sitting in a chair not to utter a single word. See this scene, the police station on duty police stepped forward to ask the old man is to apply for household registration, why not go to the window. The old man said slowly: "I came to the police, but I am afraid that I do not care about you. Can you help me?" Police rushed to comfort the old man: "what you said before, we think of ways for you." This old man to say their situation, did not expect this request that the police dumbfounding. The old man told police he lived in dual Yongyuan Town Village, the mother died ten years ago, is buried in the nearby graves. But the most recent period of time, the old man at night to sleep often dreamed of his mother died, and his body has recently been sick. The old man said: "it must be my old mother to take me away. I was so scared that I burned my old mother for several days, and I didn’t have a good dream. My wife said Police Pistol are evil, I want to ask you to my old mother put two graves to scare her gun, let her do not look for me." Police heard the words of the old man is very helpless, had to say: uncle, you have to go to the hospital sick ah." (Li Weibing) source: Life editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章:

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