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Zhangbei prairie road traffic congestion information: lack of facilities – Beijing new network in Zhangjiakou in August 31, (Cui Tao Zhang Fan Han Bing) known as the "China Highway No. 66" Zhangjiakou "prairie Road, once fell into the vortex of public opinion" charges". The charge is released, "how prairie road status? Washington reporter field visits found that although the popularity of the scenic area significantly warmer, but related to traffic congestion, environmental governance and other issues still exist. In the day, visitors discarded junk. Han Bing taken traffic jams lack of facilities in July and August day is the most beautiful season of the year. Covered with lush vegetation by the roadside hills, distant sky, white windmill wind rotation, roadside sunflowers in the sun’s shining golden one. A reporter for driving on the prairie Road, the scene before and three months ago is not the same. On the highway exit Ye Hu Ling, I saw a car from all over the country vehicle long queues. Tourists from Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Jiangsu and other places, including Beijing, Tianjin, more vehicles. The biggest change is the tourists on the road and roadside vendors. Road vehicles coming and going from time to time, the visitors took the camera pictures out the window. Every few hundred meters there are some vendors, some support from the grill, set up the Mongolia package, selling grilled skewers, sweet potatoes and potatoes; some souvenirs and toys for children; more is to keep a dozen mountain biker or some horses, several camels, to attract tourists to ride on the play. "Prairie road beauty. Han Bing photo reporter found that "prairie road are arranged on both sides of a large number of private organizations camp, visitors tent camp here. The road on both sides of the farmhouse and the hotel also increased than before, and the new archery, rafting, skiing and other entertainment projects. A local tourist in Zhangjiakou, said the entertainment business operators will be based on the visitors accent to pricing, for example, I used to talk about the price of Mandarin than expensive with the Zhangjiakou dialect." In addition, although both sides of the road to build a lot of free parking, but due to the large number of tourists, parking can not meet the demand. A lot of tourists parked in the open space on the roadside or on the hillside, through the wheel rolling and tourists trampling, these places have completely destroyed the vegetation, showing brown soil. Shanxi Datong tourists Zhang led the family to the weekend "prairie road" play. "In order to avoid congestion, we arrived last night, live in the farmhouse along the road." Mr. Zhang said. Beijing, the reporter saw, the exit to Chongli District in the east of the "prairie Road, import and road vehicles jammed into a ball, at the exit of the narrow only two lanes, many tourist bus in unmanned condition, the size of the vehicle to each other, slow traffic. A large number of tourists to visit the prairie road. Han Bing taken along a huge amount of rubbish for tourists in Beijing Gao Chongfeng, he also "prairie road" not enough". "Here, the scenery is very beautiful, blue sky and white clouds, a good environment, we usually stay there for two days to the summer day. Now there are too many tourists on the road.)相关的主题文章:

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