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Don’t let the eight wonders of copycat ruined Xi’an reputation according to reports, some of Xi’an’s tourist attractions, bundling crudely made frequent. When a reporter complained to the local tourism bureau, the Tourism Bureau staff is very impatient to say: I have not been able to manage. Look at these Xi’an cottage attractions how absurd? About the urban legend and the Palace of the Earth have 10 million, today, the Palace of the Earth has not been excavated. But now the Xi’an, but there is a Palace of the Earth impressively, and the fee is not cheap. Another attraction "Eight Wonders Museum" is wonderful, in addition to the Terracotta Army model have been turned into "eyes skin, red lips, even pharaoh Khufu tomb, coffin, buried with all that Goods are available in all varieties. in Egypt, the Pharaoh’s tomb too much to handle? Very strange is, even if these so-called, the eight wonders of the world and the Palace of the Earth Museum and the banquet site false so unbearable, but they are all 3A level scenic spots. However, according to the relevant provisions, 3A scenic spots to have a high historical value, cultural value, scientific value, or one of the value of the provincial significance. Look at these cottage attractions, even the most basic authenticity can not be guaranteed, how to talk about the value of cultural relics, historical value. Copycat goods go into a heritage snookered visitors money, people can not help but doubt: these copycat goods is about 3A scenic spot? Isn’t this a violation of the interests of tourists? As everyone knows, 3A scenic evaluation has a strict reporting and approval standards, harsh conditions, a limited number, not casually to success. There are some scenic spots even on the toilet, but only because of non-compliance, and too much will be delisted. These scenic spots in Xi’an, but it can easily pass, and then pass to "sit" has not been delisted, what is the secret? Local tourism sector staff is not to stand up and give the public a reasonable explanation. Xi’an is the most famous ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties". A long history, to Shaanxi earth left countless historical and cultural monuments. Arguably, cultural relics really don’t come, someone actually played "copycat heritage" brand, although there are some businessmen behind this profit impulse, but this is not the main reason, the more critical is management and management level, and even the lag of management concept. The history of the city again, the scenery is beautiful place, its reputation can not afford to spoil the cottage goods, a bad tourist experience destroyed not just a holiday, but also the impression of a city.相关的主题文章:

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