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Liaoning ship would like its sister ship the black smoke? Really due to exposure to Sohu – Military Channel text with map: the Russian satellite news about " Kuznetsov " aircraft reported black smoke. In October 14th, the Russian Navy sent by "admiral Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier is the core of the carrier battle group, starting from the Northern Fleet to waters near Murmansk port, Syria to combat terrorist task execution. In addition to the aircraft carrier fleet, and "Peter the great", heavy missile cruiser, "North Morse" and "admiral Kulakov", a large anti submarine and an attack submarine escort, and rendezvous in Beihai waters of the Baltic Fleet two light missile frigate, composed of warship formation in Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union fighting the strongest. The fleet along the West Eurasia slowly southward, a road passing through a number of NATO countries along the coast and across the English Channel in the channel, NATO naval and air forces carried out surveillance and observation on its high strength. And the media of the western countries to Russia which was the only aircraft carrier taunt. In particular, the "Kuznetsov" in the way of the chimney smoke black smoke, but also the media and netizens have become the object of attack. The Russian opposition compared the fleet in 1905 and the Russian Pacific Fleet The whole army was wiped out. second; U.S. media quoted the social network perspective, at the Russian fleet "no radar can be found". As Russia’s only aircraft carrier, "Kuznetsov" what is the driving force, and why smoke billowing? Working conditions, maintenance, fuel "Kuznetsov" is a steam turbine power using a large conventional aircraft carrier, the use of steam boiler steam turbine drive. As the ship on the common external combustion engine, the conventional ship currently used for steam turbine fuel used as combustion medium (nineteenth Century to twentieth Century before the coal boiler is one of the common boiler, the mid now has been basically out of the mainstream of the power, as for nuclear power the chimney does not need the way is not in our nature discussion list). In essence, both the internal combustion engine and the internal combustion engine, in the process of burning fuel emissions, the factors affecting the composition of the exhaust gas are almost the same. Take a car to call for it, if the vehicle in driving is discharged from an exhaust pipe smoke, in general, your friends may remind you of from three aspects: it is not always a low throttle; is not due not to do maintenance; is not bad fuel. For the "Kuznetsov" is concerned, the problem is generally black smoke these reasons. For the same engine, the working condition of the engine is different, and the exhaust emissions are not the same. Generally speaking, in the economic conditions of the maximum working state of gas turbine fuel combustion efficiency, the full, while in high and low load condition, the fuel efficiency will decrease, while in low load conditions, due to lack of oxygen, can easily lead to incomplete combustion, resulting in a "black smoke" the phenomenon of. When the engine of the ship is sailing at the beginning or at a low speed, it is very easy to happen"相关的主题文章:

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