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Nancheng brother 8 years of brewing debut the new line-up – Beijing event exposure. The organizers for Beijing September 22 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Li Meng) yesterday, the rock band Nancheng Erge hosted the 2016 album & in Beijing; tour conference, not only brought shocking performances, from music angle to share a lot of views on the music industry. The comic actor Zhao Jinsheng, musician Wang Lin, Shao Yibei, Wang Lei, Baidu music, CEO Le Tong music off the horse: echo CEO Gefei, music critic Li Guangping, three stone life appeared to help out etc.. "Nancheng brother" is a fusion of a variety of music and entertainment comedy rock band. They are included in the old Beijing opera, local opera, comic and rock music groups, comic and rock works will be the perfect fusion. Previously, with the "five song", "??", "good girl" and other works are widely spread, the visibility of the expanded Nancheng Erge, brew 8 years finally in this year’s first album. Nancheng Erge debut album. The organizers for the conference, officially introduced the new lineup of the band brother, Cai Juan, Chen Rong, Sanxian Sihu drummer Shen Lan, bass guitar and Wang Wei Wang Lei. At the same time, the new song "good brothers", "Christmas song" MV also officially released. In the song, Nancheng Erge unique ridicule style is still obvious, works also maintained distinctive thoughts and profound truth, through criticism, irony and seemingly serious nonsense humor and other techniques, this "elder brother" ethics and world outlook. Subsequently, Nancheng Erge brokers, accidental CEO postman came to the band culture Haidong gifts, officially opened by culture and Nancheng Erge band cooperation. It is reported that Nancheng Erge first tour will be held in Beijing in October 14th, finally ended in Nanjing. (end)相关的主题文章:

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