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Spit-take! Cuban talk with the king of bullfighting: 2-1 after I do not hit Nowitzki: boss, how do you fit…… Sina sports news Beijing time on November 15th, according to CBS sports news, before becoming a NBA superstar, Dirk – Nowitzki is a very shy, skinny and not well-known European big man. Recently, the Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban boasted that he had singled out won the young Dirk. Dirk – Nowitzki is the first round of the 9 show in 1998, when he was just 20 years old. Dirk was drafted by the bucks and traded to the mavericks. "Once I follow him (Dirk) to enter the arena, and beat him in single combat." Cuban said in an interview with CBS sports. We know Cuban is a love playing basketball, we also know just when NBA Nowitzki are very lacking in physical and technical ability, but Cuban can beat singled in the height of 2 meters 13 Dirk? This is not a joke! "I was 2-0’s lead." Cuban explained, "and then he scored in an attack, then I quit, so I can always say that I have beaten him in single combat." Obviously, Cuban and Dirk singled out some "a mismatch", however, this piece is enough to make him blow for a lifetime. Maybe Cuban and Dirk also singled out when very young, but with the retirement of time, he grew as the absolute leader in Dallas and League superstar. Dirk has been named the all star game for the 13 time in his career and has won the regular season MVP and finals MVP, as well as the 2011 championship, and he has become the greatest player in the history of the Dallas mavericks. (Rosen)相关的主题文章:

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