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Front high energy! Halloween this super crazy playground Raiders you get it – Sohu travel in front of high-energy attention! It’s Halloween in November 1st, but in October 30, 31 days had been earthshaking hey! Bats flying, witch roar, dog howl, haunted…… In addition to these, there are so many crazy activities! Usually those clamoring for their own bold shoes, these "ghost" amusement park, do you dare to challenge? Keywords: Beijing Beijing Happy Valley VR haunted house, you dare to come? Every year, Happy Valley is a popular Halloween Carnival for young people, this year is no exception, this Halloween is definitely a bright spot. When the high-tech in the haunted house, will impact what kind of spark? The experience of horror first view in the virtual world, there are a total of twelve high-tech area, seven ghost haunted house, five theme party this year, the largest haunted house cluster, you dare to do such challenges? Yes, reminder, the Happy Valley has also launched the first VIP fast track ticket convenient for visitors to give priority to experience six VIP haunted house, the "VIP fast track ticket price of 100 yuan zhang. Date: 10.14-11.13 tickets: adult day tickets are 260 yuan, 160 yuan tickets for children’s day; night Carnival ticket 180 yuan address: Beijing Jinghagaosu East Fourth Ring Road and the southeast corner of the intersection of Shanghai Disneyland Disney Keywords: the surprise Halloween here! To "surprise" to "Thriller", for those children timid, to Disney on it! Who said the atmosphere of the festival can only be felt in the haunted house, so many wonderful activities turns into enough wonderful, kids favorite trick or treat links, magic "magician" to help out the Halloween activities, face painting and sculpture Jack-O-Lantern performances. Mitch Mini of the "million fans" CP will be airborne appearance, they will have what kind of special dress up? How can you shine? No spoilers, you yourself to experience ~ date: 10.14-10.31 tickets: 370 yuan tickets for adults on weekdays, weekend tickets 499 yuan; children on weekdays tickets are 280 yuan, 375 yuan tickets for the weekend address: Guangzhou Shanghai City, Pudong New Area Chuansha new town Shanghai Disney resort Chimelong water. Key words: terrestrial hell continue to hit? This time, long more than ready even more amazing fun nine upgraded version of haunted houses, respectively in the joy of the world and the water park. Tourists come here only need to pay for a park tickets, you can in Chimelong and long water park in any crossing, the land of the haunted house more, and on the water? In "the pirate River" visitors will sit on the drifting boat, feel the notorious voodoo priest cast evil black magic, he will use a voodoo doll funny rebellion, shock to five stars. Date: 10.13-11.13 tickets: adult tickets 250 yuan相关的主题文章:

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