The defending champion of the wall is not unbeatable. I have two ways to defeat the Warriors-sql2005安装图解

Waldo: defending champion is not beat me two strokes can cut good points on that wal warrior can beat the warriors sina sports news Beijing standard time on February 3rd, according to the CSN Bay area reported that warriors will play the Wizards in tomorrow’s game, although they currently holds the best record in the league, but John wall warriors on record unabated, he said a warrior is certainly can defeat the team, and he puts forward two strategies to beat the warriors. In the past 3 seasons, the warriors against Washington’s record of 5 wins and 1 losses, and this season they disdain for the league’s 44 wins 4 of the negative record, let the Wizards of the game with their looks and is unlikely to win. However, Waldo stressed in an interview, brave and invincible. "They have to show they have the league, League best scorer, but they still can be defeated the team," said Waldo, "in NBA, every team is defeated possible. You must make them no way to do the most good things, of course, this matter that it is certainly much simpler to." How to beat the warriors, wal proposes two strategies, one very important point, is to protect the rebound. "When they cast time to throw the ball, you must try to protect the lives of every rebound," Wall said, "when you face such opponents as warriors, (protect the rebound) becomes very important. Every time they caught a offensive rebounds, they will again be the ball back to the outside of the shooter, it may be a long shot chance." Wall said that the most important thing is not without reason, while the warriors offensive firepower so fierce, they dominated the league in scoring and shooting the top rate and three hits, but the offensive rebounds is indeed warriors weakness, they grabbed averaged 10.3 offensive rebounding in the League eighteenth. "As long as we forced them to do some reluctant difficult shots, our purpose is achieved, then the next step is to protect the rebound, so it can limit their attack. Even the warriors in certain games hit rate is relatively low, but if they won many offensive rebounds, they are still a very difficult team to beat." (Tinoke)

沃尔:卫冕冠军并非不可击败 我有两招可斩勇士 沃尔认为做好两点就可能击败勇士   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月3日,据CSN湾区报道,勇士将在明天客场迎战奇才,虽然他们目前保持着联盟最佳战绩,但是约翰-沃尔对勇士的战绩丝毫不减,他表示勇士肯定是一支可以战胜的球队,而且他提出了两条击败勇士的策略。   过去3个赛季,勇士对阵奇才的战绩为5胜1负,加上本赛季他们傲视联盟的44胜4负的战绩,让奇才与他们的比赛看起来取胜的可能并不大。不过,沃尔在接受采访时强调,勇士并不是不可战胜的。   “他们已经向全联盟展示了,他们有联盟当中最好的射手群,但是他们依旧是可以被击败的球队,”沃尔说,“在NBA当中,每支球队都是有被击败可能的。你必须让他们没办法去做自己最擅长的事情,当然,这个事情说起来肯定比做起来要简单得多。”   对于如何战胜勇士,沃尔提出了两点策略,其中非常重要的一点,就是保护好篮板。   “当他们投丢球的时候,你就必须尽全力去保护住每个篮板,”沃尔说,“当你面对像勇士这样的对手的时候,(保护好篮板)就变得非常非常重要。每次他们抓到一个进攻篮板,他们都会再次将球回给外线的射手,那就可能又是一次远投的机会。”   沃尔说的这最重要的一点并非毫无理由,虽然勇士的进攻火力无比凶猛,他们把持着联盟场均得分、投篮命中率和三分命中率的头名,但是进攻篮板确实是勇士的弱项,他们场均抢下的10.3个进攻篮板只排在联盟第18位。   “只要我们逼迫他们做一些勉强的难度高的投篮,我们的目的就达到了,然后下一步就是守护好篮板,这样就能够限制他们的进攻。即便勇士在某些比赛中命中率比较低,但是如果让他们抢到了很多的进攻篮板,他们依然是一支非常难以击败的球队。”   (Tinoke)相关的主题文章:

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