From Shangrao to Shenzhen to work for the owners of free speeding caught actually with camouf-魔界骑士イングリッド

From Shangrao to Shenzhen to work for the owners of   free speeding caught actually with camouflage cloth cover plate (Figure) – Jiangxi channel: original title: Shangrao province Shenzhen back to work in order to avoid speeding car owners caught unexpectedly with camouflage cloth cover plate (Figure) camouflage cloth cover plate of high-speed running is the National Day holiday return checked yesterday the peak, working in Shenzhen Shangrao Sohn to back to the unit to work, even with camouflage cloth covered intentionally in the license plate, in order to avoid the electronic eye capture…… On the evening of October 6th, Jiangxi high-speed traffic police in South Jiangxi and Guangdong Provincial bridge mouth, found the covered vehicle serious traffic violations, the sun is only "boomerang" — the license was fined 200 yuan, recorded 12 points. According to the Jiangxi high-speed traffic police detachment of the eight teams of eight police, October 6th is the National Day holiday return peak, the brigade police increase the intensity of the road control, from time to time through the toll station car inspection. That night, a silver Honda brand of small cars in the parking lot near the suddenly, Jiangxi and Guangdong Provincial South Bridge port at the same time, the car driver quickly get off, will be covered in the license plate on the camouflage cloth torn off. Police immediately approached the inquiry, and led the vehicle to the inspection area for further inspection. The car driver surnamed sun, Shangrao, 80, this is from his home in Shangrao, drove back to Shenzhen to work, in order to avoid the electronic eye capture with camouflage cloth cover plate. In that the police should be punished for it, Sohn actually playing police idea, first time pleading in the penalty process, but also stuffed envelopes to the police, the police unchastened refused again, even bribery, trying to escape punishment. Police immediately raised harsh criticism and education for them, and inform the Sohn holiday return to arrange a time to plan ahead, not to rush to make some illegal things, otherwise there will be consequences. Subsequently, the police in accordance with the law to make a driver’s license record 12 points, fined 200 yuan of administrative penalties. Jiangxi high-speed traffic police to remind the driver friend again, the holiday to reasonable travel arrangements, not to hurry to defy the law, otherwise only suffer. (commissioning editor Qiu Ye and Mao Siyuan) 上饶籍车主赶回深圳上班 为免超速被抓拍竟用迷彩布遮牌(图)–江西频道–人民网 原标题:上饶籍车主赶回深圳上班 为免超速被抓拍竟用迷彩布遮牌(图)   迷彩布遮牌高速上狂奔被查   昨天是国庆长假返程高峰,在深圳工作的上饶人孙某为了赶回单位上班,竟然用迷彩布故意遮在车牌上,以逃避电子眼抓拍……10月6日晚,江西高速交警在赣粤南桥南省际口执勤,就发现这起故意遮挡机动车号牌的严重交通违法行为,结果孙某只能是“自食其果”――驾照被记12分、罚款200元。   据江西高速交警八支队八大队民警介绍,10月6日是国庆假期返程的高峰期,该大队民警加大对路面的管控力度,不时地对通过收费站的车子进行检查。当天晚上,一辆银灰色本田牌小型轿车突然在赣粤南桥南省际口附近停车,同时,该车驾驶员迅速下车,将遮在车牌上的迷彩布撕下。   民警立即上前询问,并将车辆引导至检查区进一步检查。原来该车驾驶员姓孙,上饶人,80后,此次是从老家上饶赶着回深圳上班,为了逃避电子眼的抓拍,才用迷彩布遮牌。   在得知民警要对其进行处罚时,孙某竟然打起民警的主意,先是在处罚过程中不断求情,还塞红包给民警,在民警义正言辞的拒绝后,竟然再次进行行贿,试图逃避处罚。民警随即对其提出严厉地批评与教育,并告知孙某假期返程要合理安排时间,提前规划,切忌为了赶时间做出一些违法的事情,否则只能是自食其果。随后,民警依法对其作出驾驶证记12分、罚款200元的行政处罚。   江西高速交警再次提醒广大司机朋友,假期要合理安排行程,切莫为“赶时间”以身试法,否则只能自食其果。 (责编:邱烨、毛思远)相关的主题文章:

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