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Magical! The man the way to pick up the 28 express parcel alarm to find the owner of this time, express little brother are busy without touching the ground, busy in error prone. A Pinghu express little brother send pieces of the road, lost more than 20 parcels, is Mr. Lei and colleagues found. Lei Cunxi, manager of a decoration company in Jiaxing, Pinghu, said, "we saw a lot of parcels on the road. I stopped with that worker. The worker was surnamed Xu. He was afraid to be pressed by the car and put it on the non motorized lane. When we are riding the car battery, do not put, called the staff drove up and transported to the company with 28 count package." Mr. Lei and his colleagues were looking for the express company through WeChat, while they called the police. Mr. Lei by express single discovery, the original parcel is just from the neighborhood to collect, the sender is the same person, leaving the phone, so quickly to the sender Chen played. Mr. Chen immediately contacted the pickup clerk Zhang, and the small Zhang Zhang is anxious to lose the express parcel. Express clerk Zhang said: "just when I locked the door lock, there is a person called to check, I did not lock the lock, drive off, I probably more than 20 meters, and then someone told me that the express dropped."." Xiao Zhang has been a courier for more than four years, and in the evening he received more than 200 express parcels from Taobao’s Chen, ready to be shipped back to the company, did not expect an accident on the way. Finally, Mr. Lei returned all the parcels to Xiao zhang. Small Zhang said: "lost words to compensate for nearly ten thousand yuan, really thank them.". Because double eleven, we do express you also know, this year double eleven busy, error prone."

神奇!男子路上捡到28个快递包裹 报警找失主 这段时间,快递小哥都忙得脚不沾地,忙中容易出错。平湖一位快递小哥在送件路上,丢了20多个包裹, 被雷先生和同事捡到了。嘉兴平湖某装饰公司经理雷存喜说:“我们看到这个马路上有好多包裹,我跟那个工人就停下来,工人姓徐,他怕被车子压掉就放在非机动车道上。我们当初骑的是电瓶车,放不下,叫公司员工开车过来,运到公司数一下有28包。”雷先生和同事一边通过微信寻找快递公司,一边报了警。雷先生通过快递单发现,原来这批包裹是刚刚从附近小区收来的,发件人是同一个人,留有电话,于是赶紧给发件人陈先生打了过去。陈先生马上联系了收件的快递员小张,而小张也正在为丢失快递包裹而着急。快递员小张说:“刚好我关门锁锁的时候,有个人打电话过来查件,我当时锁就没锁上,开车就开掉了,我大概开出20多米,后面有人跟我说,快递掉了。”小张做快递员已经四年多了,当天晚上他从做淘宝的陈先生那里收了200多个快递包裹,准备运回公司,没想到途中出了意外。最后,雷先生将这批包裹全部归还给了小张。小张说:“丢失的话要赔将近一万多元了,真的很感谢他们的。因为双十一我们做快递的你们也知道,今年双十一特别忙,容易出错。”相关的主题文章:

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