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More than 67000 users to express nostalgia more than 67000 users to express nostalgia, even to Yu Xu at the expense of the news caused users throughout the country concerned in the network, netizens expressed nostalgia and homage to flowers, message etc.. Open the Sina micro-blog topic "leibie female flying Yu Xu", reading volume has more than 16 million 640 thousand, nearly ten thousand users participate in the discussion, Sichuan online launched "leibie" Golden Peacock "Yu Xu" topic page, not to have a day more than 67000 users flowers, wax, and express our memory love. Initiated by Yu Xu’s hometown of Chongzhou WeChat flowers, two days more than 8 million 500 thousand people participated in the. Netizens spontaneously expressed similar views with Xue Yiheng. Illustrator users "Iron Age 2011" in that Yu Xu sacrifice news, spent two days with a brush to mind images of Yu Xu sketched out, drawing a cartoon, and wrote "don’t forget Yu Xu! So she can always fly in the blue sky of the motherland and the sea!" "We should call on the whole society especially young people to learn from her" Zhuhai netizen "happy Mickey" to the Sichuan daily micro-blog message, you can receive a packet from Zhuhai earth, I want a piece of land here is her deep love. I cannot go to the memorial day, want to express her love in this way. The columnist Jia Hexiang wrote that "self challenge, fly Voyage", she started China female pilots to fly fighter jets as precedent, she epitomizes a new generation of women to defend the country’s history, she is a model of women’s patriotic youth. "There is a blue female hero named Yu Xu. Although short, but your touching and brilliant life, let the family and Sichuan, the National People’s pride and honor, will inspire a lot of Chinese people make efforts!" Sichuan daily WeChat users "race against time". The original general office office director Liang Dewu called for research of young people learning: she is not the official two generation Xu Yu, not two rich generation, is really a new generation, carrying on her good qualities too much, should call on the whole society especially young people to learn from her. Shaanxi netizen "Jiang Dazhi" message said, "the country needs such a hero, national hero need this. Young people should think of her as the idol. Rather than some of the so-called star!"

 67000余名网友 表达缅怀之情   67000余名网友 表达缅怀之情   连日来,余旭牺牲的消息在网络引发全国各地网友的关注,网友们用鲜花、留言等方式表达缅怀和致以敬意。打开新浪微博话题“泪别女飞余旭”,阅读量已经超过1664万,近万名网友参加讨论,四川在线推出的“泪别‘金孔雀’余旭”专题页面,不到一天的时间内已有67000余名网友献花、点蜡,表达自己的缅怀之情。由余旭家乡崇州发起的微信献花活动,两天时间就有超过850万人次参与。   网友不约而同地表达着与薛以恒相似的观点。插画师网友“钢铁时代2011”在得知余旭牺牲的消息后,花了两天时间用画笔把脑海里对余旭的图像勾勒出来,绘制了一幅漫画,并写道“不忘余旭!让她能够永远翱翔在祖国的蓝天和大海之上!”   “应该号召全社会特别是年轻人向她学习”   珠海网友“欢乐的米奇”给四川日报微博留言,你们能否接受一包来自珠海的泥土,我想这里也是她深爱的一片土地。我不能亲自去祭奠余姐,想用这样的方式表达对她的敬爱。西征网专栏作家贾合祥撰文写到,“挑战自我,高飞远航”,她开创了中国女飞行员驾驶歼击战斗机的先河,在她身上体现了新一代女性保卫祖国的历史担当,她是巾帼青年报国的典范。   “有一种蓝天女英雄叫余旭。虽短暂,但你感人而灿烂的传奇人生,让家人及四川、全国人民为之骄傲和自豪,更会激励起许多许多中华儿女的奋发图强!”四川日报微信网友“跟时间赛跑的人”留言。原总政办公厅编研室主任梁德武号召年轻人像她学习:余旭既不是官二代,也不是富二代,是实实在在的新一代,在她身上承载着太多的优秀品质,应该号召全社会特别是年轻人向她学习。   陕西网友“姜大治”留言说,“国家需要这样英雄,民族需要这样英雄。年轻人,更应该把她当作偶像。而不是一些所谓明星!”相关的主题文章:

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