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German media: myth by Secret World War II German record methamphetamine (map) – combat support Beijing data figure: World War II German tank army march. Germany’s "world news" 3 13 entitled "Hitler’s soldiers with the ice" reported that the pilot may fly in under the state of intoxication. The risk of dizzy airplane is too big, but the plane is very tired, especially in wartime, especially during the flight in hostile territory. In this case, if the drugs improve attention and reaction ability in refreshing but also, so it brings the risk is relatively small. 1939 and 1940 German army glorious victory created a "blitz" myth. In the meantime, many German soldiers are in fact rely on drugs to support combat. Especially the pilot and armour had superior to their chemical. Who is Heinz? "Guderian combined arms battle" concept in the 2 pike. This is a soldier nicknamed "stu card" and "Goering" and "armored chocolate" drug marketed as Lake Powell, but is the main component of methamphetamine, which is today known as synthetic methamphetamine effective substances. Powell is the lake by the pharmaceutical industry to industrialization standard legal production, therefore more than those in the small chemistry lab synthesis and often mixed with a variety of harmful substances to much pure methamphetamine. By the end of 1939 to early 1940, even the highest layer of defense forces is regarded as a magic weapon. The army chief Walter von Blau strange?? is one of the third imperial soldiers of the highest positions of 4. He issued such instructions: "the battle of Poland’s experience shows that in certain circumstances, a frequent attack force can overcome fatigue will have a critical impact on the military victory." Brauchitsch knew the consequences of taking Lake Powell: "if the security threat of military victory, drowsiness or transport the rest of the security forces, so in certain circumstances, to overcome the drowsiness than consider the drug to physical damage important." Cynical to say that these words are true. Because of the military, rather than taking Lake Powell, the worst result is certainly lose vigilance with fatigue, and then shot or killed by the enemy. However, even if the side effects of the lake and Powell today will make users quickly collapse of the ice body different, it still has adverse effect. In 1940 the Western military action, a large number of combat troops taking the drug for weeks. Provides 35 million dimensional Lake pharmaceutical factory is preparing to attack Western troops?? from the perspective of statistics, 3 million 350 thousand German soldiers each get 10 pieces. In fact, the combat troops, especially commando soldiers received more reserve troops and logistics units are not issued this drug. In addition, when the Lake Powell is a non prescription medicine in Germany, can be free to buy. The military requirements often have the home of relatives to buy this medicine to them. Later, the most famous addicts is the winner of Nobel prize for literature Heinrich burr?. He repeated this sentence in 1939 and wrote in 1940: "send me some Lake Powell" or "maybe you can give me something to hold as soon as Powell." As early as in the Scandinavia Peninsula)

德媒揭秘二战德军战绩神话:靠冰毒支撑战斗(图)-中新网 资料图:二战德军坦克部队行军。   德国《世界报》3月13日发表题为《给希特勒的士兵用的冰毒》的报道称,飞行员不得在迷醉状态下驾机。晕晕乎乎驾驶飞机的风险太大了,但开飞机是很累的,尤其是在战时,特别是在敌占区上空飞行期间。这种情况下,如果毒品在提神醒脑外还能提高注意力和反应能力,那么它带来的风险就比较小了。1939年和1940年德国国防军战果辉煌的速胜造就了“闪电战”神话。而在此期间,无数德国军人其实是在靠毒品支撑战斗。尤其飞行员和装甲兵都服用了上级发给自己的化学药剂。而这些人正是海因茨?古德里安“联合兵种战斗”概念中的2枝矛尖。   这种被军人戏称为“斯图卡片”“戈林片”和“装甲兵巧克力”的药物的商品名是保维淀,但主要成分是甲基苯丙胺,也就是今天被称为冰毒的合成有效物质。保维淀是由制药企业以工业化标准合法生产的,因此比那些在小型化学实验室里合成且往往混有多种有害物质的冰毒要纯净得多。1939年底到1940年初,连国防军的最高层都视之为神奇武器。陆军总司令瓦尔特?冯?布劳希奇是第三帝国职务最高的4名军人之一。他下达了这样的指示:“波兰之战的经验表明,在特定情况下,一支频繁出击的部队能够克服疲劳会对军事胜利产生关键影响。”   布劳希奇早就知道服用保维淀的后果:“如果困倦威胁军事胜利、休息中的部队的安全或运输安全,那么在特定情况下,克服睡意比考虑药物对身体的伤害重要。”   玩世不恭地讲,这话也没错。因为对军人来说,比起服用保维淀来,更坏的结果肯定是因疲劳而丧失警惕,然后被敌人射伤或击毙。不过,即便保维淀的副作用与今天会令服用者身体迅速垮掉的冰毒不同,它还是有不良作用的。在1940年西线的军事行动中,战斗部队大量服用这种药物达数周之久。制药厂为筹备进攻的西线部队提供了3500万片保维淀??从统计学角度说,335万德国军人每人可领到10片左右。事实上,战斗部队、特别是突击队的军人领到的更多,后备部队和后勤部队则没有配发这种药物。此外,当时保维淀在德国是非处方药,可自由购买。常有军人要求家乡的亲人买这种药寄给他们。   后来最著名的成瘾者是诺贝尔文学奖得主海因里希?伯尔。他在1939年和1940年写的信中多次出现这样的句子:“尽快给我寄些保维淀来”或“也许你们可以给我弄点保维淀来存着。”   早在向斯堪的纳维亚半岛或法国、比利时还有荷兰进军前,第三帝国的领导人就清楚这种药物有危险。“帝国医官长”莱昂纳德?康蒂在1940年3月19日的演讲中说:“想用保维淀提神醒脑的人可以确信的一点是,他的身体机能迟早会崩溃。”康蒂促使保维淀成为处方药。   但也有人和他对着干。例如,一名神经科医生在1940年底就建议用保维淀治疗多种病症,如各种心力憔悴、抑郁症、急性和慢性偏头痛、戒毒后遗症、恐怖性焦虑障碍、晕船、高山反应。   于是,康蒂下令详细研究保维淀的成瘾性。1941年,保维淀被置于《鸦片法》的适用范围,从此找医生开这种药的条件变得很高。但许多国防军和武装党卫军的部队仍然在这种毒品的刺激下投入战斗,因为这种药片一再在进攻前被大批量发给军人。   二战即将结束之际,作为旨在抵挡苏军精锐部队的“人民风暴”的成员,希特勒青年团的团员除了反坦克火箭弹外还会领到“提神片”,而这可能也是保维淀。   走运的人因在攻击前吞服了过量药片而昏迷过去,躲过了红军的进攻,因而保住性命。而那些手持简陋武器冲向苏军T-34坦克的“坦克猎手”却几乎没有存活的可能。(编译 王?)相关的主题文章:

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