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Reference-and-Education To learn the skills required of a nurse aide, you need CNA certification training. CNA training can be a satisfying and lucrative job; it can also serve as a stepping stone for a future nursing career. There are thousands of certified nursing assistants that are employed in virtually every kind of health care facility in the country. You may refer to them as health care technicians, nurse’s aides, home care workers or orderlies. CNAs work in hospitals, nursing homes, foster homes, medical facilities and private home settings. CNA training is necessary before you can be a certified nursing assistant. You can obtain CNA training, which on average lasts around 6 weeks, from state-run medical facilities, hospitals, the Red Cross, .munity colleges or vocational schools. There are also free CNA training programs that are offered by the same institutions, provided that the student also render a reasonable amount of work in exchange for the free training sessions. Before you have to take up CNA training however, you will have to pass on background checks and medical exams first. A majority of CNA training is centered around hands-on, practical classes on healthcare. The practical aspect is vital because CNAs have more contact with patients than registered nurses do, so they are said to be the nurses’ eyes and ears. CNAs in the training program are taught to, for example, provide for the basic medical needs of patients, give medication in proper time, help the patient meet their everyday needs, contain possible sources of infection, and operate some medical equipment. How long the CNA certification training program will depend on what state the program belongs to, and the training provider. While some CNA training may take less than two months, other programs such as belonging to the Red Cross may take as long as 6 to 9 months. Longer training periods may give students better preparation for the state CNA certification exams. You can take the CNA certification exam after you have .pleted the CNA training course. Usually, the state health board or the training provider will be the one to award the CNA certification to successful graduates. The National Nurse Aide Assessment Program also handles CNA certification exams. CNA training is a useful training ground for those who want to break into the nursing field. The knowledge and skills gained while training for CNA certification will give CNAs valuable insight on what a nursing job entails. Even if you have no intention of a nurse, being a CNA is a fulfilling and financially sound career in itself. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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