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News-and-Society Well it is a long time since I have written on the topic of karma and giving and today after catching the morning news I feel that now is an important time to share something with you on this topic. I want each and every person that reads this article today to get something from it and better still I want them to give something to their world to make it a more loving, peaceful and utterly fantastic place to be. Ghandi once said, be the change that you want to see in the world’. Look at your world, your .munity what does it need right now? What change can you be to the world? Not a few weeks ago I heard of a stabbing and a shooting that took place on the streets of my capital city, London. Since that I hear about car bombs in Iraq and massacres in Virginia. It would be all too easy for us to write our world off as a place that is beyond repair and see it as someone else’s problem. Yet if we do nothing then ultimately we are responsible too. So, will you join me in bringing a little more peace, love and happiness to the world your world? In articles similar to this in the past I have already covered karma and viral smiling, but now I want to take it to the next level and see what we can change in our lives forever that would benefit ourselves and our world. For instance let’s take something basic to explain. If you really made the effort to smile at 20 people today in order to have them smile then that is perfect, however how great would it be if you worked on the very things that would naturally make you smile on a daily basis? Say you worked on your confidence, motivation or wealth. If that worked then just think of all those natural smiles each and every week. I met a man sometime ago that said that he would love to earn more money so that he could support a child’s education in Africa. He made the changes to his life and ultimately made the changes to the life and prospect of that little girl in Africa. I have heard of others that have changed their vocation to actually go to Africa and teach these kids themselves, so now its time to stand in front of a mirror and see what you can change as a benefit to you and the world around. I wrote this sometime ago, I have only one mouth Yet can choose to speak wisely I have only one heart Yet can choose to love unconditionally I have only one mind Yet can choose to think positively My uniqueness, My Individuality and My Distinctiveness is my strength, as; I have only two eyes Yet choose to see hope I have only two ears Yet choose to hear joy I have only two feet Yet today I choose to stand up and make a change to my world! By Richard MacKenzie If you want to see change then you have to make change! Do something today to benefit the world around you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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