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Fitness-Equipment Physical activity is essential for everybody. A leading aspect in making a successful program is in participating in regimens that are enjoyable and .fortable to you. Even if you are a permanently or temporarily disabled person, you can find activities and exercise equipment that is .fortable for you. There are even exercise equipment for the disabled that have been designed specifically for people with some form of disability. Traditional Equipment Many traditional kinds of exercise equipment can be utilized by disabled persons. For those who are confined to a wheelchair, exercise equipment for the disabled that emphasizes lateral pulls as well as arm curls could help in strengthening those muscles. If you have restrictions on the use of your upper body, you can focus on exercising your lower extremities. A couple of resisting poles can be squeezed by hands to build the strength of your hand grips. If you have restricted hand grasping abilities, you may use medicine or exercise balls instead. Arm Ergometer If you are using a manual wheelchair, a good exercise equipment for the disabled that you can use is the arm ergometer. This machine features a couple of pedals on a side, and mounted on table. It has been designed to increase the strength of the muscle and flex joints by allowing the disabled person to pedal against resistance using his or her hands. The ergometer has features like adjustable hand grips, to match the hand grasp of the user. You may also place this exercise equipment for the disabled on the ground and use it for exercising your legs in the same fashion. Both uses allow the user to do cardiovascular exercise at a speed that is .fortable for him or her. Portable Recumbent Machine There are recumbent step machines that are portable and designed for people with disabilities. The machine is incorporated with hydraulic cylinder system, which has been designed to react to the strength of the user through the adjustment of applied pressure. The disabled person presses down using his feet in a walking motion, while in a seated position, thereby testing endurance and exercising the lower part of the body. There are also recumbent bikes that are available as exercise equipment for the disabled. A note of warning: before using any exercise equipment for the disabled, it is important that the disabled person take special preparations in all instances. Talk with your doctor before starting any planned exercise program and pay attention to your body while you are working out. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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