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A district of Harbin fourth murder occurred in women killed in nakedness wounds Lunar New Year (February 11th) more than 10 in the evening, in the Daoli District No. 2 3 Street upstream 17 – unit 2, the murder occurred, a more than 30 year old woman died in the rental. Yesterday morning, the reporter went to the District, the murder houses locked the door, no pry marks, the door is also close to a new character, No. A residents said: "I heard that the murder occurred in the house is rental housing, the rent is a man of about 50, the time after midnight, when I next night back, found a police car downstairs, the police are the 2 unit door survey, also let me watch the object don’t get home until this morning know the human life, a woman died in the rental house." The house upstairs neighbor said: "the night of the incident, we did not hear a fierce quarrel, we all went to the police station to do the record.". The security guard told reporters, first discovered the situation is the opposite neighbor: "202 neighbor is the owner, his house is 201, more than 10 points that night on the Department of tenants homeowners feel quite right, then the police, the police came to open the door, a more than 30 year old woman died in the house." It is understood that the recent period, rented in the incident of the house of two households often go back together, "men about 50 years old, more than 30 years of age of women, they come home together, the man opened a dark car, often come to pick her up, but also parked in the yard."." Residential guard said. According to the residential guard introduced, 11, 22, 01 points, suspected vehicles into the community, 22:16, the car left the area, "do not know whether he did, anyway, the police have access to surveillance video."." Residential guard said. According to the insiders, killed the woman nakedness wounds caused the death. In this regard, the district police station said that the current case is under investigation, the specific details are not disclosed. Editor in chief: Xu Tong SN155

哈尔滨一小区初四发生命案 女子被杀下体有刀伤   大年初四(2月11日)晚上10点多,在道里区上游街17―2号3单元2楼发生一起命案,一名30多岁女子死在出租屋内。昨天上午,记者来到小区,发生命案的民宅大门紧锁,没有撬动痕迹,门上还贴着崭新的福字,屋内无人。   一居民介绍:“听说发生命案的房子是出租房,租房子的是个50岁左右的男人,事发时间可能在后半夜,那时候我对象下夜班回来,发现楼下有警车,警察正在2单元门口调查,还让我对象别看热闹赶紧回家,今早才知道出人命了,一个女的死在出租屋里了。”   案件房子楼上的邻居说:“事发当晚我们没听到有激烈的争吵声,我们都去派出所做笔录了。”。   小区的门卫告诉记者,最先发现情况的是对门的邻居:“202的邻居就是房主,201也是他家的房子,当天晚上10点多房主觉得对门租户部太对劲,然后报警了,警察过来把门打开,一个30多岁的女的死屋里了。”   据 了解,最近一段时间,租住在事发房子里的的两名住户经常结伴而回,“男的50左右岁,女的30多岁,他俩一起回家,男的开一个深色的轿车经常来接她,还把 车停在院里。”小区门卫说。另据小区门卫介绍,11日22时01分,疑似嫌疑人车辆进入小区,22时16分,这辆车离开小区,“不知道是不是他干的,反正 警察已经调取了监控录像。”小区门卫说。   另据知情者透露,身亡女子下体有刀伤致其不幸身亡。对此,辖区派出所民警表示,目前案件正在调查中,具体细节不便透露。 责任编辑:徐童 SN155相关的主题文章:

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