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Internet-and-Business-Online No matter how you intend to do your affiliate online marketing, choosing the right key words is essential. If you use search engines for free traffic, you need the right keywords in your domain name, in your meta tags and in the copy of your pages. If you have a blog, the right key words are critical as well. If you use article marketing, few will find your articles without the right keywords in your copy. Your keywords should be about 2.5% of the total words in your article. How do you find the right keywords? First, write down all the phrases you would key into a browser if you were looking for the product or service you are promoting. Ask your friends and family what they would key in if they were looking for your product or service. The keywords they come up with may surprise you. Start making a list of all those keywords. The next step is to use Google’s free external keyword tool to find other good keywords. It will give you many free keywords to consider. Before you go on, you need to compare the traffic a keyword gets to the amount of information there is that uses those keywords. To do this, you need to set up a free Google Ad words account and then use the traffic estimator. You enter the keywords you are considering and the tools will tell you the amount of competition and the number of clicks per month. The trick is to find keywords that have a reasonable number of clicks (I suggest 3,000 per month or more) and that do not have so much competition it will be difficult to be noticed. There are several good programs that can help you with this research. Next, I suggest you key the keywords you intend to use into a browser and then go to the top sites that come up in your search results. When you are on one of these pages, hit "View" on your browser and the click on "Source". You will now be looking at the source code the author used to write the web page. Near the top, you will see hidden keywords called "meta tags". This will tell you the keywords the author used in the title and in the "keywords section". This will give you more ideas of key words that will work for you. These are the many paid ways to do these things but you can also do them at no charge using the techniques in this article. It can be done and you will achieve success in affiliate online marketing if you consistently use well chosen keywords. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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