Afghan girl from 30 years after the famous worse – in Beijing-sexinse

"Afghan girl" from 30 years after the famous worse – Beijing Century reporter Gao Wenyu on 80s, Afghan girl Sarah Bart? A bit frightened eyes were Gura American photographer capture: in a 1985 issue of American "National Geographic" magazine, "Afghan girl" shocked many readers, also become the representative of Gura Afghan refugees displaced by war, by the media as "the war in Afghanistan Monalisa". Today, when the middle-aged "Afghan girl" again in the media field, has been a crime, almost expelled. The media, Gula these years in order to stabilize the lives and even have experienced years of wind and frost, violate the law, the sad and helpless marvel. 26 last month, the Pakistan Federal Bureau of investigation and arrest Gula, forgery, illegal residence and other charges filed a lawsuit against the. The local court in Gura for a period of 15 days after the end of detention, she will be repatriated; moreover, Goula also faces fines. This ruling has recently been political, media and international human rights organizations and other concerns. Pakistan sources said 6, arrested Gura where the Khyber pakhtunkhwa government decided to write to the Pakistani federal government, requested to cancel the expulsion of Gula, and given its refugee status. According to the "voice of America" website reported that although Gura convicted, but the Pakistan authorities for a humanitarian point of view, she decided not to expel, allow her to continue to receive treatment at home — after Gura was diagnosed with hepatitis C, but also raising 4 children. Pakistan media that said: "this woman is really suffered too much misery." The Gullah stalls lawsuit, Al Jazeera television and other media to convey understanding and sympathy, think this is "desperate man of desperation". Pakistan "dawn" said 6 days, the same number of Afghan refugees, 45 year old Goula in recent years of no fixed abode, long-term travel in Pakistan and afghanistan. One of her relatives told the media that the family chose to live "depending on the security situation in the two places". It is understood that although early Gura married, but her husband had died; not only that, she has lost her parents and a brother, a daughter also unfortunately die. In order to settle in Pakistan, given to RBI to Peshawar 3 officials through an acquaintance, the total amount of US $450 (about 3040 yuan). After that, she got a "proof of identity", but it is this "unauthorized" documents will eventually send her to court. The nephew of Matt in an interview in Goula CNN (CNN) said in an interview, aunt although fame, but because the mind is pure, the cultural level is limited, "do not understand what is called the" famous ", but do not know how to use this advantage to bail out, or" one family situation may be much better". It is understood that the United States, National Geographic magazine last visit to her in 2002, since then, the media has not received any information about her image. Gura said, the family concept and extremely conservative.相关的主题文章:

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