ALICE heat stroke, sudden death claim for lost

The ALICE heat stroke, sudden death claims 2007 lost
, the Shenzhen Economic Daily
ALICE heat stroke, sudden death claim on September 24 , lost France
Court of First Instance that the sudden death does not belong to Paul Yan contract accidental injury
WASHINGTON ] ( Rae intern reporter Li Xin ) recently, the reporter learned from GMG and law firms : Futian District People’s Court before the heatstroke death of ALICE Tsunematsu parents v. Pacific Bao Xian company contract dispute has made ??a first instance verdict , the court dismissed the plaintiff pay the costs of accidental injuries in accident insurance Yan and emergency salvage to help ensure Yan Jin Bao Xian company to litigation requests . Reference on the afternoon of March 4 , Tsunematsu , the insured organization , on foot , 15:00 went to the the beetles village to soil temple on the way to discomfort , sudden syncope and constantly moaning . by repeatedly grab salvage , no effect , around 17:00 the same day , the doctors rushed to the mountain of acute salvage proved Tsunematsu have died. the public security department of examination and identification of its cause of death as injuries Bao Xian gold of $ 100,000 and emergency salvage assist expenses Paul Yan gold 3000
July 18 this year , Futian District Court on the case , the public hearing , and a civil judgment was issued on September 1 . the Court finds that the Bao Xian range of the insured for accidental injury , means subjected to external , sudden , unintentional , non- disease of the body hurt the objective event and Tsunematsu cause of death as sudden death , sudden death in forensic Pok refers to the appearance of apparently healthy people , and rapid unexpected death occurs due to intrinsic disease , does not belong to Paul Yan Bao Xian contract accident
of : Rae intern Li Xin
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