Although the parents have a room with a car, but I still became a floating two

Although the parents have a house and a car, but I became a floating two generation [Abstract] after many years, then visit the interviewed "a generation", that they have not "floating" – the children, family, career, house, car. Unconsciously, their children became the two generation of floating". Gone with the wind, want to be very charming. "Gone with the wind" — the concept created by the new weekly. They are summed up a lot of living standards, such as rental housing, not only the place must have a comfortable sofa, not find the old things, and not naked commitment, keen to laugh at the middle class, and so on. Now, these traits are like the symptoms of a sad young man. Many years later, the return of the interview had gone with the wind generation who found that they are not gone with the family, children, career, house, car. Unconsciously, their children became the two generation of floating". Then, a review of the monarch and wrote a "two generation" floating "floating two generation" chat. She is studying at the Wake Forest University. Think about this area, the times have changed. "Gone with the wind two generations," the author of Wang Ruochong’s world seems very simple, school, reading, examination, application, study abroad. Her world is very complex, as a "non nationals from Guangzhou with two generation", her young age, learn to keep a posterior approach, and at the age of 18 in the United States alone went to school, also learned Latin, "the teacher think I have a gift". She is always full of confidence, and at the same time she has some doubts about her. As to write novels in her life also on the official two generation, two rich generation, test and study the application of the plotting, the contradiction between teachers and students are very sensitive to the helpless parents in beijing. At first, I worry that this is 8 years younger than me and I have no girl of 90 what to talk about, but with the topic in depth, we gradually from writing, talking about education, talk to the definition of 90 experience confusion, as the child’s growth experience, study the problems, finally talked about the ideal of life. Maybe, in the end, a bottle of wine. Wang Ruochong, born in Guangzhou in 1998, claiming to be "atypical 90, two yuan". Freshman at Wake Forest University. Zhang Chang, born in Harbin in 1990, "the Beijing News Review Weekly" reporter, "a drift. 1 what is the external events once disturb you? Wang Ruochong: junior high school, the first grade has always been a person, it is said that she has never lost more than five points in the final exam. The next semester, she never appeared in school. The teacher said she had to be hospitalized for anorexia, several attempts to commit suicide. The third day of the summer vacation, I and my classmates saw her near the school. She was in a wheelchair, and dad was pushing her back. Some of my classmates and say hello to her, she was very messily waved. At that time began to write a story about a genius idea fall. Sophomore year, I saw "new weekly" for more than ten years ago, "a generation" topic of the respondents do a return visit, said a generation who finally had a stable job, no longer floating, I don’t feel quite right. My parents are obviously gone with the wind, if the wind generation finally.相关的主题文章:

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