American studies show that the formation of the Sahara desert and climate change related to cold – S

The research shows that the Sahara desert formation and cold climate change – Shaanxi channel — original title: the study shows that the Sahara desert formation and cold climate related according to the German "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" reported recently, Herbert scientists at the Brown University (Herbert) research found that the ecological change of earth for millions of years or related with the the temperature dropped. About 7 million years ago, the earth’s ecological environment changed dramatically, subtropical arid promote succulents and grassland landscape expansion. Scientists have been unable to explain the lack of evidence of temperature change. And Herbert’s research results just fill the gap. Based on the analysis of several sediments, he found that the drought caused by the vegetation changes, it is likely to reduce the temperature of the carbon dioxide in the air. Scientists in the United States on the basis of this study found that, in addition to the overall decline in atmospheric temperature, the temperature difference between the poles and the equator has become larger. Experts speculate that a global mechanism at work, or rather, a significant drop in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. The decrease of precipitation in the subtropical zone leads to the gradual disappearance of grassland, and less solar radiation absorbed by the earth surface, which results in the decrease of surface temperature. Under low temperature, the evaporation of water is reduced, which leads to drought. The above links interact with each other. This explains why the formation of the Sahara was related to the cooling of millions of years ago. (internship compilation: Xu Aner reviewer: Zhu Yingku (Wang Li), commissioning editor: Li Jing)相关的主题文章:

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