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Change-Management Opened in 1992 in Chicago, Illinois, Lichtenstein Research, founded by Amy Lichtenstein, is celebrating over 20 years in the focus group recruitment field. Amy Lichtenstein is a recruitment expert who specializes in difficult and time-consuming focus group projects. Amy Lichtenstein supplies both consumers and experts to .panies to be used as participants in focus groups for new products and services. Many of Amy Lichtenstein’s clients have been returning to her for years because they are so impressed with the focus group participants that she locates for them. Focus groups are used for a variety of different reasons. Amy Lichtenstein has supplied people for all kinds of focus groups, from ice cream tasting to surgical instrument design. A focus group is a group of people who are asked about their opinions or attitudes toward a product or service. The type of product or service will determine what the demographic of the focus group should be. You would not have a group of 85-year old women in a focus group about today’s rap music, for example. Focus group participants should have some knowledge of the product or service that they will be evaluating. Amy Lichtenstein provides the participants for the focus groups, matching the clients’ needs with people in her database of participants. In conducting a focus group, Amy Lichtenstein will prepare a series of questions that the participants will have to answer to prove their knowledge of the subject. Because of the specialized nature of many of Amy Lichtenstein ‘s clients, the screening process can be quite arduous. Once all of the participants have been verified as qualified to participate in the study, the focus group can begin. Amy Lichtenstein has spent the last several years creating and maintaining a massive database of consumers and professionals that she uses to fulfill her clients’ needs. This helps with the initial screening of people to interview to be in the focus group. Amy Lichtenstein will make sure that her clients have the information that they need to get accurate results from the focus groups. Clients know that they can trust the focus groups that Amy Lichtenstein puts together. She is known for her ability to find experts and consumers who are well versed in every field. Her constantly updated database makes it easier for her to find the people that her clients need to .plete their focus groups quickly and efficiently. There are several ways to be.e a participant in a focus group. Amy Lichtenstein re.mends that you contact a market research recruiter for more information. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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