Anhui flood affected rice yield rose by 50 pounds isobuster

Anhui flood affected rice yield rose by 50 pounds of sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Right now, when rice harvest season in Anhui. How to experience this summer floods around the autumn yield? How disaster measures work? The reporter recently in Shucheng, Tongcheng and other places to visit: 1600 pounds of rice per mu is only lower than last year about 50 pounds in September 27th at noon, the autumn sun is still somewhat scorching. Tongcheng City Dragon Street Jiang Village Agrocybe, mature fields like a golden sea. Accompanied by a roaring sound, two harvesters slowly passing, reel cut stubble rice harvester, tail spray crushed straw. "There are about 400 acres of rice field, the planting of hybrid rice. September 26th began harvesting, and in 5 days can be harvested, about 1600 kg per mu of rice, only lower than last year about 50 pounds." Looking at a golden, Tongcheng Tiantai agricultural cooperatives chairman Bao Feng happily told reporters, from September 22nd onwards, cooperatives began to organize the harvest, "22 days to 26 days, we have harvested 600 acres of hybrid rice. Japonica rice, glutinous rice to mid October began to harvest." "There may be rain in the next few days, we pay close attention to the recent rush in the harvest." A member of the ridge, while busy with the conveyor belt will lay the rice in the truck, and while talking to reporters, "rainy days are most afraid of rice lodging. The problem of wet rice is not large, cooperatives have dryers." Reporter walked into the paddy field, leaned closer look, saw the rice panicle was large, plump, will make all of this with the July floods together is very difficult. Heavy rain in July 1st under the big and urgent, CO cultivation of a total of 3100 acres of rice, of which more than 2 thousand acres of disaster." Bao Feng said, "we are in front of the rice field, was in the water for nearly a week. In July 5th, 6 days after the withdrawal of water, we were positive for the affected classification, can save the organization timely remedy, save the damaged seedlings to replant. Because the rescue in a timely manner, rice production has not been much affected." One side of the Tongcheng City Administration of industry planting deputy director Feng Jun took Buddist: after the flood, the recovery of paddy fields, we organize the members and farmers’ fertilization, the average per mu after fertilization 5 kg to 6 kg of rice; with pesticides and plant growth regulators, reducing bacteria and pests, promoting rapid growth in rice; in the field of individual seedling death phenomenon, timely fill out. The crops of paddy fields, we divided the situation for processing. Before July 10th the withdrawal of water from July 10th to July 25th, replant rice; water withdrawal, early night replant rice; in July 25th after withdrawal of water, to dry grains and vegetables; if the water back too late, too late to start early, can be planted in autumn, rape etc.." The application of new technology and new varieties of rice, stronger resilience to the morning of September 26th, Shucheng County town of five people in the village on the road bridge相关的主题文章:

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