Are Women Over 50 Staying

News-and-Society In the past, our culture tended to look at an unmarried over 40 or 50 with a slightly dim view. Some may have felt sorry for a middle aged woman who had to make it on her own. Some married couples may have even felt a little nervous around a single woman over 50. She may have represented a threat to their view of how the world should work. However, our culture has changed a bit. More and more single women over 50 have decided that finding a husband is no longer on the top of their priority list. A high percentage of these women over fifty have been married in the past, or at least they have had a long term relationship. Of these, many already have children from past marriages or relationships. If you managed to fill a room with older women who chose to stay single, you could ask them why they did not feel the need to find a long term mate. If you did that, you would probably get dozens of decent and reasonable answers to your survey. In fact, you may get almost as many answers as you had women in the room! Let us explore some reasons why these women have decided to pass on marriage. Find out if these reasons will surprise you or not. Some women feel like they have never recovered from a past marriage or relationship. These ladies want to work on finding themselves before they are ready to seek a new life partner. These women may intend to marry in the future. They are just aware that they are not ready yet. They are just not ready to seek a husband right now. Some of these women may have felt burned by a past relationship. Others may realize that some of the problems were their own fault. Either way, they are not ready to make a life long promise to another person yet. Others have a lot of responsiblity for other family members. They may still be caring for children or elderly parents. In this case, they do not feel like they have the energy or resources to do the hard work of marriage. They feel like they need to dedicate themselves to other family members first. Still others are just perfectly content being single. These women have a .fortable in.e, a decent social life, and feel like their cup of life is quite full. They enjoy the freedom of being a single woman. Some women just like to make their own decisions. They do not want to have to .e to an agreement when they have made a choice. So these women have decided to remain single in order to stay independent. Some women, and probably some men, have just figured out that they will never find the right match. In this case, they are happier with casual relationships and a circle of friends. Some of these women have .e to the conclusion that they cannot find the right person, and so they would rather live alone. In any case, I think it is important for single women over 50 to keep themselves from feeling isolated. There are lots of new opportunities to expand your social circle. That way, you will probably be happier if you do eventually decide to marry, or if you decide to stay single. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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