Are You Planning To Take Pure Fish Oil You Need To Read This

Health Many individuals now choose fish oil as their primary source of Omega 3 fatty acids. For this reason, pure fish oil supplements have undergone serious scrutiny in recent years. And it looks like serious scrutiny of fish based oil products is indeed justified since there have been reports of PCB and mercury levels that exceed the normally accepted levels for human consumption. Because of these reports, several brands that were positively identified to contain high toxin levels were temporarily withdrawn from the market back in 2006. And to further address this concern over fish based oil contamination, a new voluntary review process called the International Fish Oil Standards was created. A purification process called stripping technology was also created to remove contaminants from fish oil sources. A majority of the pure fish oil sources of Omega 3 are found in Chile, Morocco and Peru because it is believed that the Omega 3 levels of fish caught in these areas are much higher than in other sources. Fish based oil is being hailed as the best source of Omega 3 because it produces DHA and EPA in forms that can be easily assimilated by our body. And it is being touted as one of the best ingredients of health supplements because of the large number of benefits that can be derived from it. One of the primary effects of the DHA and EPA from fish oils is the proper regulation of blood cholesterol levels. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and can significantly reduce incidences of depression as well as the risk of suicide. In fact, a clinical study has shown that EPA levels in the red blood cells of suicide attempt patients were significantly lower than people who have never attempted to take their own lives. Other studies involving pure fish oil have also shown that it exhibits a protective effect against both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Facilitators of these studies observed that high doses of Omega 3 from fish based oil that was given to an experimental group of mice effectively prevented an induced decrease of their dopamine levels. This is an important discovery, considering the fact that Parkinson’s disease is caused primarily by a disruption of our body’s dopamine system. Experts, however advise that Omega 3 should be extracted from the fish’s body instead of its liver. This is because the liver of fish and other animals not only contain Omega 3, but also an active form of Vitamin A which can be very dangerous when ingested in excess. In fact, an overdose of this form of Vitamin A can be lethal. The American Heart Association re.mends a daily intake of 1 gram of pure fish oil for coronary heart disease patients. Take note, however, that the maximum allowable dosage may differ for each patient because body weight also plays a part. It is therefore best to consult your physician before starting on a daily regimen of fish based oil supplements. The United States National Institutes of Health also re.mends pure fish oil to people who are suffering from or at risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and hypertriglyceridemia. They also warn against too much intake of fish oils, saying that intake has to be limited to less than 3 grams per day since too much fish oil may lead to bleeding, or even hemorrhagic stroke. Now that you know these facts about pure fish oil, choose the brand that fulfils the above criteria and maximize the benefits of consuming omega3 fatty acid supplement. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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