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Australian tourists were caught urinating fracture group did not dare to go abroad: original title: Australian tourists urinating was arrested by fracture witness group: New South Wales state police did not dare to go abroad (local police) confirmed that two people were against a tree to urinate in the botanical garden. According to the Wenzhou Evening News reported on November 4th: network "on October 29th in the afternoon of two Wenzhou tourists in Australia Sydney Royal Botanic Garden defecation, the local police stepped forward to stop, two people due to aggressive behavior and resisted by the local police force arrested". To this end, two tourists were injured, also suffered a network overwhelming mouth cutting pen to punish. In November 3rd, the reporter learned through the tourism sector, one of the men was 66 years old, was injured in the local police in the enforcement process, before the date of return to Wenzhou after entering the hospital surgery. According to reports, the elderly suffering from the disease, not holding back, still frightened, although the number of communication, but are still reluctant to accept the interview. However, with the group of other tourists said the incident is not as much as the network said. Suspected to pick up the tour guide scandal reporter linked to the first release of the news @ Australia thing. The blogger told reporters, news sources from the reception where the elderly tour Australia dejieshe, "Australia in the Sydney Royal Botanic Garden defecation was arrested by the police of passengers from Wenzhou to determine the tour guide to access this information is told. When a reporter asked about the specific information received by the community, the other to the ground do not want to contact the media, the reason to be rejected. Australia: This is a very personal thing "Australian local mainstream media without a report on this matter, why domestic speculation will raise a Babel of criticism of?" Yang Dongliang, President of the Australian Federation of Wenzhou. In the local Chinese exchange group, we think this is a very personal thing, but directly to the network review this matter up to the moral criticism, and also just one-sided statement. A 66 year old man suffering from urinary tract disease, and the botanical garden is large, it is difficult to find the toilet, unfamiliar, should be made under the uncivilized behavior. In their view, the local police in this matter to deal with some really rude, leading to fractures in the elderly. Yang Dongliang said that the local police are armed, the parties have a language barrier, hit the police shouting, they subconsciously escape is normal. He speculated that the elderly should not make a radical reaction, otherwise the local court is unlikely to allow its smooth return. Students: the botanical garden is very big, and it is very difficult to find toilet has four years to study in Australia, Mr. Hu told reporters, Sydney Royal Botanic Garden is about 30 hectares, than the bird’s nest (covers an area of 21 hectares) larger, the inside of the toilet is not much, but it is difficult to find, first is likely to get lost inside. In addition, all the route marking is all in English, older people do not understand very normal. As there are a lot of friends said the toilet near the botanical garden that refers to Circular Quay near the botanical garden, which is a large combination of subway and ferry transport hub, there are a lot of the inside of the toilet, but can be seen from the picture, the incident in the park, I could not find the toilet is possible. Yan相关的主题文章:

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