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Auto consumption accelerated in August, China’s consumption growth accelerated – New China News Agency Beijing September 13 (reporter Pang Wuji) by car sales speed and other factors, in August China’s total retail sales of consumer goods grew faster than the previous year. China National Bureau of statistics 13 released data show that in 2016 August, China’s total retail sales of social consumer goods 2 trillion and 750 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), nominal growth of 10.6% in the same period, 0.4 percentage points higher than the growth rate in July. NBS spokesman Sheng Yun pointed out that in August the growth of automobile consumption is an important factor in stimulating the growth of the total retail sales of social consumer goods. Car sales in the same month increased by 13.1%, 3.9 percentage points higher than the previous month, and the total retail sales of consumer goods increased by about 0.5 percentage points. For a sudden acceleration of automobile consumption, Sheng Yun explained that there are two main reasons: first, from a fundamental point of view, China is currently in a critical period of upgrading the consumption structure, in the future to solve the problem of food and clothing, people began to China consumer pursuit of development and enjoyment, so live and for such goods in recent years has maintained rapid growth. Although China has sold more than 20 million cars per year in recent years, overall, there is still a lot of room for Chinese cars. According to household survey data, China now owns nearly 34 cars per 100 households, that is, 1/3 of households have cars. The United States now has about 220 cars per 100 households; Europe, the developed countries, and Japan, South Korea and other countries, each car has nearly 150 cars. In contrast, China still has a lot of room for improvement. Two, there is a certain relationship with policy stimulus. At the end of last year, China introduced a new deal, which has a preferential subsidy policy for small cars with a capacity of 1.6 liters and below. This policy will expire in the next few months, and some of the potential of consumption will be released ahead of schedule, which may increase the consumption of automobiles in a short time. In addition to the car, more than a month of strong sales of commercial housing, but also promote home, decoration and other types of products to maintain rapid growth in sales. In August, the consumption of building and decoration materials increased by 16.3% compared with the same period, and the consumption of furniture increased by 11.1%. In addition, online shopping continues to maintain rapid growth momentum. In 2016, 1-8 months, the national online retail sales of 30210 yuan, an increase of 26.7%, of which, the physical goods online retail sales of 24347 yuan, an increase of 25.5%. (end)

汽车消费强劲拉升 8月中国消费增速加快-中新网   中新社北京9月13日电 (记者 庞无忌)受到汽车销售提速等因素影响,8月份中国社会消费品零售总额同比增速加快。   中国国家统计局13日发布的数据显示,2016年8月份,中国社会消费品零售总额2.75万亿元(人民币,下同),同比名义增长10.6%,比7月份增速加快0.4个百分点。   国家统计局新闻发言人盛来运指出,8月份汽车消费增长是社会消费品零售总额增长的重要拉动因素。当月汽车类销售同比增长13.1%,比上个月加快3.9个百分点,拉动社会消费品零售总额增速加快0.5个百分点左右。   对于汽车消费的骤然加速,盛来运解释说,主要有两个原因:   一是从基本面来看,中国目前处在消费结构升级的关键时期,在解决了温饱问题以后,中国民众也开始追求发展型和享受型的消费,于是住类和行类的商品近年来一直保持较快增长。尽管中国最近几年,汽车每年销售量超过2000万辆,但总体来讲,中国汽车的消费还是有很大空间。根据住户调查数据,中国现在汽车家庭拥有量每百户将近34辆左右,也就是三分之一的家庭有车。而美国现在汽车拥有量为每百户220辆左右;欧洲的发达国家、以及日本、韩国等国家,每百户汽车拥有量将近150辆。与之相比,中国仍有较大的提升空间。   二是跟政策刺激有一定的关系。中国去年年底出台了新政,对1.6升及以下小排量汽车有优惠补贴政策,这个政策将在未来几个月内到期,到期之前一部分消费潜力提前释放,可能短时间内提升汽车的消费量。   除汽车外,持续多月的商品房销售旺盛也推动家居、装潢等相关类型产品销售保持较快增长。8月,建筑及装潢材料消费同比增长16.3%,家具消费增长11.1%。另外,网购依然保持快速增长势头。2016年1-8月份,全国网上零售额30210亿元,同比增长26.7%,其中,实物商品网上零售额24347亿元,增长25.5%。(完)相关的主题文章:

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