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"Azalea" Hairong Tian superb acting goddess still elegant bloom – Sohu Hairong Tian entertainment entertainment Sohu shine in female inspirational legendary drama "azalea" recently in Shanxi, Tianjin satellite TV, with the story deeply, as one of the heroine Hairong Tian more with his superb acting, so that the role of Ni Zhihui on the screen shine. "Yingshangong" in a flashback about the last century in the late 70s, four different character of the woman after the baptism of the revolution at the same time, writing the ups and downs of the legendary life epic story. Hairong Tian in the beauty and wisdom of the play and the army of the goddess Ni Zhihui. The rich lady Ni Zhihui was born to follow the lover who decided to run away from home, with her husband to go into exile to join the revolutionary ranks, by virtue of innate grace and wisdom with the army and people, win the people’s admiration into the soul with its own personality charm. Following the "door" situation, this is the second time Hairong Tian in the play challenge from eighteen nine to sixty years of age huge age span role. From young to old, is a change in the makeup appearance, but also need actors interpretation of the character is not the same as the heart and emotions, behavior, a cluster of, is of vital importance to the shaping of characters. And Hairong Tian with his many years of superb acting and artistic accomplishment of the successful interpretation of the role of Ni Zhihui. By acting and to Hairong Tian in the year released realism drama "raising a child is not easy" because vividly restore a good image of mother, toil and Zhizhirenxin, and this movie and "azalea" also recently from the meat together stand out much praise. Hairong Tian early in 2000 with "beautiful silver" that was sealed shadow, then with the movie "romantic girl" in 2004 won the Changchun film festival. Well known is a corner of Hairong Tian created in 1996 for the first time in the TV drama "Thunderstorm" in the "four Phoenix", Hairong Tian interpretation of the simple and poor Feng four people, in 2001 the "black ice", a corner, Hairong Tian starred bold drug mistress Liu Mei, enchanting and lovely manners. 06 years of drama starring Deng Chao and female inspirational "woman cry", again with Zhang Zijun play a corner pocketed the audience tears, and this drama has become the ratings champion. After Hairong Tian began to join the drama stage, played from the "return" of Lu Xiaoman Shima in "a generation of famous" in Liu Fengxian, Hairong Tian constantly trying hard, the interpretation of the new role, play a new role. Let her become a superb acting steady strength of the actors, and the beautiful appearance but also for the role of many flavor. In the play, Hairong Tian ten years as one day dedicated to work; the movie, though rarely seen, but still beautiful. In the GIORGIO ARMANI PRIVE winter 2016 Paris high Dingxiu, Mr. Armani won the only Chinese actress personally invited the goddess of the elegant and beautiful appearance, can also stunning the audience, looks calm and look amazing goddess temperament Pumianerlai "". The sense of shaping every ordinary and touching character.相关的主题文章:

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